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Emotional Intelligence Appraisal

What are you most pleased with?

Emotional intelligence appraisal is one of the quickest and easiest skills to learn on how to adapt to change and embrace it without fear. What intrigues me more is the inspiration I get to change. It has increased my understanding on how to practice new behaviors regularly. I am impressed by the fact that I have acquired skills on how to look for feedback on my own actions and deeds from the people around me. Taking time to practice on this step frequently has helped me know my strengths and accept my weaknesses.

What are you most disappointed with?

Adapting to change has never been an easy task to partake on due to the numerous challenges along the way. Learning to let go the habitual behaviors before transformation causes frustrations and sometimes embarrassments to the people around me proving difficulties in adapting. The judgment from friends who do not fully understand what it takes to achieve total self and social awareness harbors a lot of criticism. I am disappointed by the difficulties that present themselves whenever discussions with friends are ongoing thus posing as obstacles.

What would you do differently?Emotional Intelligence Appraisal

To overcome the challenges I would choose not to stew in the negativity which may lead to other stronger emotions like discouragement. I would try my best to avoid anxiety caused by the reactions from those around me. I would try to distance myself from situations that may make me more prone to agitation and stress. Trying not to take other people’s reactions and opinions towards me to heart would go a great deal in improving my interaction with others. I would develop a more positive thinking towards many situations so as not to lose sight of what is right.

What did you learn?

To increase self awareness, one needs to embrace feedback with open arms. Uncontrolled emotional outbursts can harm one’s relationships hence they should be minimized. Emotional intelligence can effectively help overcome life’s challenges. Productivity and self management skills improve immensely when emotional intelligence is put to practice. Emotional intelligence is important when defusing conflicts thus improving relationships.