The Electrophoretic Mobility Distribution of Single Strain Microbial Population

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The Electrophoretic Mobility Distribution of Single Strain Microbial Population

Microbial cell surface hydrophobicity is currently widely studied due to its unique role of microbial adhesion to most surfaces. Also the electrostatic charge characteristics of

Microbial cell surface has important work in microbial adhesion…………

Most microbial cell surfaces are negatively charged and recently scientist has found out positively charged organisms are attracted to this surfaces. This is caused due to the oppositely charged particles hence attraction of the particles because of the different charges…………………

This example below shows an illustration of three electrophoretic mobility measurements of differently cultured Escherichia coli Hu734 cells. In each measurement of mean electrophoretic value, it is comprised of 120 individual bacteria which are represented by a Gaussian distribution having its unique standard deviation of population obtained…………….

This is Electrophoretic mobility distributions of E. coli Hu734 organisms suspended in 10 mM potassium phosphate. The three distributions (μ1, μ2, and μ3) are measured on separate cultured bacterial strains, where each has its own standard deviation and the mean value of μ1, μ2, and μ3 as shown below.

That is; the electrophoretic mobility of −2.1 (±0.7) × 10−8 m2V−1 s−1, with a standard deviation, from all the three sample measurements. Because this kind of distributions have greater effect in the interaction of microbial with surfaces………….

In the modern day, there are good instrument for this measurement. They consist of a mirror and a computer aided image analysis. This method is very accurate and it minimizes on errors. It is the best method considered as 3rd generation and is applied by many scientist…………

The author reported this specific descriptive statistic to actually show that microbial cultures be determined for potential heterogenic population before any adhesion study is carried out to avoid errors when making conclusions being drawn due to other sub-populations existing in a single strain cultures. This………..

The results were presented using Gaussian distribution curve. This is a continuous distribution of probabilities. It is widely used in statistics mostly of biological and physical sciences to show a representation of real valued different variables………