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Effects of Yogic Exercises on Life Stress and Blood Glucose Levels in Nursing Students

            Yoga has recently gained a lot of popularity around the world. Yoga students always boast of the numerous benefits and so a study was conducted on nursing students to assess the effects of yoga on stress and blood glucose levels. The students were divided into two groups. One group was the control group and the other was an exercise group. The exercise team did 12 weeks of physical exercise combined with meditation and relaxation. The classes were held only two times within a week.

The results were amazing. The exercise group showed significant reduced stress and blood glucose levels compared to the control group. The control group actually showed increased stress levels. The study concluded that yoga exercises not only manage stress but improve the overall well-being of a student. Brief yoga training helps the nervous system perform its functions better. The findings indicate that the exercise group students were able to control the same stress levels despite experiencing different stressors and lives. This indicates just how effective yoga is in stress reduction.

One of my anticipated benefits for exercising daily for 20 minutes was that I would be able to meditate. I was concerned about how to go about the meditation process. This article however, is an eye opener because I can now incorporate Yoga in my daily exercises and learn how to relax and meditate at the same time. With this exercise plan, I will also be achieving another goal which is to reduce everyday school related stress. Lower stress levels will help me become a better student by helping my concentration spans thus helping me to study for longer periods. I am impressed that even two days of yoga per week can achieve so much.Effects of Yogic Exercises on Life Stress