Buy Existing Paper - Effective recruitment process for the salesperson

Effective recruitment process for the salesperson



Effective recruitment process for the salesperson

In a bid to have an elaborate and more effective recruitment process for the salesperson’s post for the new showroom, Agarwal will have to sort out some of the following procedures:

Use self-selection to discover the people really interested

The problem with the recruitment has not just been on finding the right salespersons, but also finding devoted, committed personnel. Among the people interviewed, Agarwal had given out three offers but only one turned out to be accepted. This means that the other two were not very much interested in undertaking the job. The fact that they had succeeded in the application and interview process and were rightly suited for the job was not enough evidence that they were interested in it. To help separate the committed from the joyriders, Agarwal should introduce a self-selection strategy between the submission of C.V and the one-on-one interview. The aim is to find out how many are interested. This can be done by inviting the eligible applicants for an open group event for instance, an open house. When consulting startup I Love Rewards Inc. tried this, only 400 out of the 1,200 applicants who were invited for the events actually came. Similarly, it would be so easy for people to apply for the post of salespersons but not all would be interested in the job. They would fail in the self-selection step and save Agarwal the burden of interviewing and making offers to people who are not interested in the job.

Have an orientation program-effective recruitment process for the salesperson

It is recommended that the new recruits be taken through an orientation program. This will ease the pressure on always ensuring that only the best of the best are recruited and allow for flexibility even when the chosen recruits do not accept the company’s offer. While it is important to maintain the expectations set for the job of a two-wheeler salesperson, Agarwal should have in mind that even when some applicants do not portray the skills or abilities enlisted, that can still be built in the orientation process. Thus there may be other vital characteristics to look out for such as determination, right attitude, and ability to negotiate among others. In this case, Agarwal will not end up having only one person accept his contract out of a possible over 70.

Agarwal should then go ahead and hire Kumar, Prasad and Shamar as the facilitators of the recruit programs for the new recruits. The trio have not only proven their competency in the salesperson sector for Moonka Automobiles, but have also been an important asset to the business. They understand sales and have marketing skills much to the amusement of their boss. They do not give out much discount but still maintain high sales and their interaction with customers is admirable. It will be important to pass these persuasion skills to new recruits and many other things about the recruits’’ new working environment.

Include a probation clause and binding clause in the contract agreements

A probation clause will basically give Agarwal the powers to choose on whether to keep a new employee or not, within a particular period. For the salesman position, Agarwal can choose to give a probation period of three months. The employee’s working abilities will be assessed and evaluated before being considered as a permanent worker in the new dealership. Consequently, with other recruits likely to use his venture as a stepping stone towards greater employment heights, it is important to explain to the new recruits, in their contracts, the importance of being with them to the end of the contract. Companies which hire people on long-term contract basis, make it a term within the contract that the employee should be willing to commit with them to the end of the contract. Agarwal can further include a clause estopping such recruits from working with a competing company upon leaving his automobile company.

Letting applicants pay for the advertisement fees-effective recruitment process for the salesperson

Finally, with a limited budget of advertising, a minimal charge can be made to all applicants so as to raise the advertisement fees.

These steps should be more elaborate, precise and certain in providing Agarwal with not just capable, but loyal employees. People who will have the desire to work as salepersons and the commitment to accept an offer from the company. These people will also be willing to learn and employ the skills and abilities of the company’s pacesetters. Indeed there is a detailed strategy set all the way from advertisement to recruitment of new employees for the salesperson’s position. The advertisement states the salesperson job description and qualifications. It is followed by an application process and telephoning of qualified personnel. The last stage is the interview for the applicants who cruise through. Complementing these stages with the self-selection, orientation programs and elaborate contracts will significantly ease the strain and stress emanating from the search of the best salespersons for the automobile firm. Employing these should go a long way in relieving Agarwal off pressure.Effective recruitment process for the salesperson