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Education is a Basic Need

Everyone in the world needs education in order to better understand life, world views, have a career and be able to dream of anything in the world because education taught them it was possible.

Coming to America for education was not by chance. Coming to America for an education was the fulfillment of a boyhood dream. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood and I learnt to dream there. My neighbor was a lot older than me and I noticed him because he was always reading at their front door steps. We struck a friendship and his love for books grew on me too. It was not an instant love affair with books and at the beginning I struggled a lot. I began, slowly, always tossing the book away till I gathered it, crossed the yard and told my neighbor to find me a book that was less boring. Just like Jhumpa Lahiri, “I felt that I did not belong to the worlds I was reading about.”

I wanted to know why my neighbor read so many different books and he said “I want to study college in America and I don’t want to look like a fool from the middle of nowhere.” I was amazed; he wanted to go to America! He must be crazy! But he did get his chance and the day he bade me farewell and left me all his books is the day I took reading seriously. Jhumpa Lahiri felt that she discovered things through reading and that applied to me as well. I read about other countries and what happens in other countries and my mind opened up to new possibilities. Coming to study in America was a borrowed dream that I took seriously. I got my chance too!Education is a Basic Need