Buy Existing Paper - Divorce



Divorce has been a controversial issue for too long. Some people are against it and believe that once a choice to get married is made there is no turning back. Others however buy that happiness is an integral part of being a human being and advocate for annulment if things are not looking up. There is however a common ground in divorce where both spouses have a background on and can agree on. Common ground in divorce can be individual happiness, where both partners agree that they no longer make each other as happy as they used to and believe that divorce will ease their pain. Another side of the common ground can be the children’s happiness. They both feel that their life together is having a negative effect on the children they both care about and who they would rather raise them separately but on more peaceful grounds.

The competing values in this divorce debate are two lines of thought that both think they are right. Group one is pro-divorce. It does not see the point in experiencing hardship and they would rather take the easy way out. They also justify it with the fact that individual happiness is important and if the marriage does not provide it, it’s not worth sticking in it. Others are justified because they are escaping abuse such as battering or forced drug intake. Others leave because they are not achieving the goals they sought to achieve in marriage. For some, marriage was a way to advance economically so once the business deal is stale, they move on to a better business deal. Medical reasons also contribute to divorce. Depression that may be brought by the marriage and treatment will be more effective when the stress agent is far. Infidelity is the most widespread reason why marriages break up and emotional stability is sighted.

Group two is for marriage till death does the two apart. This group believes in the sacredness of marriage upheld by the different religions worldwide. They believe that marriage is an orchestrated event that should last a life time, for companionship and to raise a family together as a team. They also believe that a break in the marriage promotes ‘sin’ by remarrying and committing to a different spouse. This group strongly believes that all the situations sited by group one can be solved but not necessarily by divorce option.