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Disaster planning-Earthquake


The paper talks about Earthquake as a disaster and explains why it is important to have disaster planning and relevant action to be taken.

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1. What disaster is the most likely to occur in your life?
Earthquake is the most likely disaster to occur in my life. This is as a result of plate tectonic movements which are unpredictable and can occur any time and any place……………….

2. Why is disaster planning important?
Disaster planning is important since it ensures that the business can still operate even after a blackout, earthquake and any other disruptions caused by the disaster. Planning also helps in keeping the hospitals technologies such as medical records, clinical tests results and accounting. Disaster planning should not be restricted to the company’s own operations, key suppliers and partners may also fall in trouble. Disaster planning helps to protect the economy of a country, since many calamities are costly and destructive hence causes loss of millions of money and even life……………………..

3. What are the immediate actions necessary during a disaster?
During a disaster the necessary action is to deploy the rescue team as fast as possible to the affected areas. For a business, one should start by filling the business insurance claim which involves several steps to control damage and recovery costs. Immediately after disaster aftermath take the following action;-
I. Secure your building, boarding up entry points when necessary.
II. Make temporary repairs, especially to minimize further damage, for instance by placing a tarp over a hole on the roof.
III. Relocate salvageable equipment and property, to………………….