Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird



Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird

Years pass and the kids have grown Older. Jem is 12 years. He gets an attitude towards the sister and wants her to be more girl-like. They are no longer close causing Scout to have to wait eagerly for Dill to be back for summer. However, she is disappointed since Dill does not come that summer. He has to stay at Meridian with his new father. One Sunday, Calpurnia gives the children an experience of her ‘colored’ church. The church is full of black history and was built by the funds that the freed slaves pulled together. However, this gesture is not appreciated by Lula since she sees that it is some kind of mockery to the Niggers. The preacher welcomes them with both hands and they are able to go for the service.Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird

We see that the service is no similar to the regular services in the white churches. It is because they are both illiterate and lack the funds to purchase the hymn books. They therefore sing by echoing the words of the privileged members of their congregation. Calpurnia is able to further her understanding of the Robinson case and it takes her a gap that people believe Ewells’ testimony. However, they go home and find their Aunt waiting for them. She wants them to stay with her for a while. She wants to give them a feminine influence basically. The town is welcoming and Aunt Alexandra loves it there. She loves the way they treat each other as one huge family. Aunt Alexandra however feels that they do not know their ancestry and requires that Atticus to lecture them. However, Jem and Scout do not see the need for this.

The Robinson debate is heated. Atticus is his lawyer and his family are the one’s who are given the eye by the Mycombers. Scout is confused and she inquires what the case is all about. In particular, she asks what rape is since she heard it at Calpurnia’s church. This becomes a huge issue and Alexandra bans her from ever going to a Nigger-church. She later sits with Atticus telling him to send her away. However, Atticus does not stomach her suggestion and maintains that Calpurnia wills continue serving in the house. The topic becomes heated and Jem ends up lecturing Jem and they start fighting. Luckily, Atticus breaks it up and they are sent to bed.Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird

When they go to bed, Scout is scared since she sees a figure hiding under her bed. She calls Jem to come and help her out. She discovers that it is Dill who had run away from his new home. He claimed that he was being neglected in the new home. He had footed for a rather long distance when he was unable to complete the remainder of the journey by train. The children are torn between telling Atticus and continuing to his Dill. Jem then decide to go and tell him. He is welcoming and requests that Dill is given food as he looked tired and hungry. He is given Corn bread. Atticus goes over to Dill’s aunt to tell her of whatever had unfolded. The Children decide to sleep and Dill ends up moving from Jem’s to Scout’s so that they can talk.

The Robinson case had begun and the defendant was brought to the town there was pressure and fear of attacks from the locals. We get to see that even Alexandra is against Atticus’ stand on the case. She says that he is a disgrace to the family. As Atticus is attacked by a group of men who want him to leave the area. The Children were hiding and the guys start threatening that the children must leave. However, Scout is able to save them by talking to one of her classmate’s father who ends up being ashamed by the young girl’s knowledge of the law and decides to go with his group.

The case is to commence and everybody from the town and the nearby areas are in attendance. Dill, Jem, and Scout also come into the area with the crowd and they sit at the back so that Atticus does not see them. The court has a section reserved for the Blacks which was in the Balcony. The children join the group and amazingly, they could see everything. They proceeding commences when Judge Taylor comes in. Both sides gave their accounts of the day, in particular, the prosecution and their witnesses. Atticus cross-examines them too. Atticus makes various crucial findings from his study since he sees that there was no doctor report and they look at the side that the bruises were.

The victim, Mayella then gave her testimony. Atticus then scrutinizes it and some things were not adding up. Issues such as Mr. Robinson is left handed and the bruises are on the right, why she did not scream. She starts crying and holds her stand that Mr. Robinson was the one who committed the crime. The court I adjourned. The children are spotted by Mr. Underwood but they know he will not tell Atticus. The court is back into session and Atticus calls Mr. Robinson to the stand. From his testimony, Mayella was the one who wanted him to kiss her and grab her but he refused. He ran when her father appeared. His father was threatening her and yelling.Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird

From the case, we see that the prosecutor is rude to Mr. Robinson and it even makes Dill to cry. It forced Scout to take him home. On their way, they meet the Raymond’s which is a mixed-race family. They start talking to Mr. Raymond who opens up and tells them that he prefers being around people. He even has to act drunk to give his fellow whites the fulfillment for his actions. Atticus gives his closing remarks and asks the jury not to jail an innocent man. He then lays down his thoughts of the days unfolding.Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird

Calpurnia comes and says that the children were not around making Mr. Underwood to snitch on them. Atticus tells them to go have supper and allows them to come back once they are done. The jury deliberates and finds him guilty of the crime. Dill is seen to be hit the most by the verdict. He cries since he considers it to be an unjust verdict. On the next day, the Black community come to show their gratitude to Atticus by brining him a lot of food. Dill is mad and even starts complaining that he has lost respect for the town that he had earlier put in high regard. However, Miss Maudie explains that they are making huge steps in the racial war. Word reaches them that Bob Ewell is out to revenge against Atticus.

All the Finchs are worried except Atticus, because of Bob’s threats. He is still trying to get him pardoned from this crime since he knows that he will go to the electric chair if not. Rape is a capital offence in the State and it leads to a heated discussion amongst Jem and Atticus. Atticus tells him that Mr. Robinson was just sentences since he is black.

One day during one of Alexandra’s missionary circle, the white slave owners complain that the trial has caused their servants to start acting badly. Atticus comes and says that Mr. Robinson had been killed as he tried to escape. He tags Calpurnia who is shocked with the issue to the Robinsons to tell them what happened. Her wife collapses even before she knew the news. Mr. Underwood ends up condemning the death of the innocent man on his paper article. Mr. Ewell then adds him to his list of people he needs to revenge.Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird

School resumes and Scout is still bitter about the ruling. It is seen when he confronts her History implying that she is a pretender since she had earlier agreed with the trial but teaches about Hitler. Bob Ewell starts threatening Mrs. Robinson. He abuses her from a distance. She is saved by Deas who threatens to arrest her. Alexandra is worried since he knows that Bob will soon be revenging. There is a robbery during Halloween where the furniture of the burglarized house is put in the basement. They town has a food pageant for the children. Scout and Cecil end up running around and she is too tired that she is asleep. Therefore, she misses her stage. She is seen at the end of the pageant.

As they return home, Jem and Scout are pursued. Scout trips and Jem is attacked by the individual. However, an unknown person pulls the assailant away and Scout sees him carrying Jem towards their house. Dr. Reynolds is called and he examines Jem and finds out that he had broken his arm and bumped his leg. She did not see who had saved them. They later see that a knife had slashed Scout’s costume but luckily it was stopped by the mesh. She continues talking about her encounter and finally she sees Boo Radley. They later realize that it was Bob Ewell. He is however dead from his own knife.

Step Two-dill in To Kill a Mockingbird

            This part two has a myriad of learning points. We see that the society is truly full of a racist crowd. They are mad that Atticus is representing Mr. Robinson and even decide to attack him. They go to the extent of looking at the family with the side eye because of one of their member’s decision. In addition, we see that their criminal justice system is not really fair. The words of the white man take the day causing suffering to Mr. Robinson. They sentence him even though they could see that Atticus’ alternative facts were more reasonable. Furthermore, the evidence presented was not enough to sentence an individual for a capital crime. They were too shallow in nature.

We realize that there are certain members of this society who try to move away from the norms. These include, Atticus, Mr Underwood, and Mr. Raymond. They try to treat the Blacks as people and give them the rights. Mr. Underwood even marries a black wife and they have children together. However, they are fought furiously by the other members of the society. Mr. Raymond has to walk and act as if he is drunk so that he can have some peace of mind. In addition, Underwood and Atticus are attacked numerous times.

Lastly, we get to see that the individuals close to an individual are the ones who hurt the most with their decisions. Dills ends up escaping because his mother and her new husband do not give her attention. He comes to a place he knows he is loved and appreciated. In addition, Scout and Jem are attacked as a from of Revenge. Bob is mad that he embarrassed him and wants to hurt him. He breaks Jem’s hand and knock him out and even tries to slice Scout with a knife.

Therefor as readers, we can see the state of the society and the changes that are slowly taking part. For example, one of the members of the jury, Cunningham, wanted to acquit him of the crime.

Step 3Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird

Question Four

            The major symbol in this story is the mocking bird. This has been used to show the people who have been destroyed since they are doing the contrary to the expectation of the people in the society. There are different characters who are hurt by this position. They include, Boo, Mr. Robinson, Jem. We may say that they suffer because they cannot do what is expected of them. They are normally repaid for their kindness by being hurt and ridiculed. A perfect example is Mr. Underwood who joins Bob’s list because he wrote an article that was against Bobs belief.

Questions Five

            Important themes embedded in this narrative are;


We see that the society has adopted the use of slaves. It has been allowed in the state that the law allows for outright segregation. The blacks have a section, which is at the balcony instead of within the court. The author tries to show that it is within the law when he leaves the issue of them going to different churches and shows us that it is even in the court of law.

In addition, the author tries to show us the problem that slaves go though as they are employed. They include, Calpurnia being ridiculed and being on the verge of being sacked because she went with the kids to church. Tom is killed because a white lady tried to force herself on him. His story is not believed and he ends up being killed. We even see that it is a huge issue for a black man to feel sorry for a white person.

Religion-dill in To Kill a Mockingbird

Calpurnia goes to church with the children one Sunday. We see that she is a Christian. However, Alexandra bans them from ever going to Calpurnia’s church. We see that in the church, they are preached to and also talk about the issues that affect their community. On that day, they were talking about Tom’s trial. In addition, we see that they talk about current issues. Scout ends up asking about Rape.

Justice System

We see that Mycombe’s justice system is really rigid. They believe in punishing capital punishments and it is confusing. Dill asks if it is the right decision to kill rapists and questions what if an innocent person is killed. We see that Tom is killed for no reason. We see that the jury has a tell since the do not look at a person they sentence. Lastly, they are partial and end up sentencing Tom for a crime he did not commit. Therefore, Atticus loses the case because his client is black.

Question 6

This novel is really well written. The author is straight forward using words such as negro in the book. Many authors tend to shy away from using these words which may make the reader loose the sense of whatever they were reading. This gives us a true feeling of the era that they were living in. In addition, we can see that he uses their daily situations for us to see the issues that they go through.

A similarity that stood out in this book at The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is that they both depict a difference in the white society. They both bring out the issue of a white man helping out a black man. In this case, it’s a group of white men who try and fight racism. Even though, Tom is killed, we still learn that their community has made certain positive steps. Therefore, we understand the issue of racism better. We get to see that the individuals who are different from the expectations of the society are despised and they have to also be in hiding.