Digital mining

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The paper talks about the speech of Michelle Ash on the digitization of mining process in mining industry.



Michelle is the chief innovation officer at baric Gold the most iconic mining company, she claims that mining is the least digitized industry in the world and its slow to adopt change or rather innovation. She spend a lot of time talking to people about technology and trying to understand new technologies that are coming up, therefore therefore innovation is about how do we get people to apply those technologies. She talks about changes and how this can impact to people, over half of the fortune 500 have marge…………….

The disrupted companies such as Kodak, black baster and many others may also course disruption to the industry and some of the companies that are fortune right know did not exist decades ago such as google, uber, Facebook are now rattling the mining industry. Apple has come up with as saying that they don’t put new mining minerals in their products but they recycle the existing minerals hence…………………….

Change in this industry means digitizing the mining process thus giving transparency such that we can see the underground mines and see where people are, understand the tasks and where they are up to in their task and predictive analytic can be done as well as automation of the mines such that people will not be needed deep inside the mines hence reducing risks of people working underground. Possibly the mining industry can start drilling holes and liquefying the metals and bringing them to surface therefore little waste is moving. Blockchain technology can be used so that there is no mining at all, and volt gold from the ground. For all this technologies there are impacts on people such as employees, community, leadership, investors, and society in general. It will need new skills by coming up with something creative and employees learning data science or………………..