Development and Strategic Planning in Healthcare

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Development and Strategic Planning in Healthcare

Clinical pathways are bringing about important improvements in the quality of American health care. As a hospital CEO or Director of Quality Improvement, how would you go about implementing clinical pathways in your own health care organization?

In essence, clinical pathways are tools that are applied in the process of guiding evidence-based healthcare. They outline in details the steps essential in providing care to the patients having some specified clinical problems. Clinical pathways that are effective in outcome are expected to establish standardization in health care provision, deliver improved outcomes, and cut down on the level of costs. The diversity and uniqueness in the conditions of each patient requires that their respective care will be customized in a way that meets their specific needs, without compromising on the guidelines that are laid out. Clinical pathways center on the quality as well as the co-ordination of health care provision………..Development and Strategic Planning in Healthcare

As a hospital CEO or Director of Quality Improvement, the implementation of clinical pathways may be a complex process that requires an informed as well as an intervention strategy that is designed effectively (Jabbour et al., 2013). Therefore, I will start by having in place the right kind of issues or questions to be addressed. Asking the right question as to why have this kind of transformation is crucial a factor in the process of implementation. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of healthcare provided to patients. I will then pick the right kind of people. These will include people, that is, staff members from all the levels in various departments. The interdisciplinary pool of staff will create a diversified workforce that is able to put together a wider range of knowledge in to solid strategies and work plans for effective implementation. A critical evaluation of the outcomes is appropriate to determine what may not work and focus on the right areas. I will also identify and analyze the current best practices in order to focus the right kind of energy towards such, for better outcomes. I will have a thorough documentation as well as an analysis of any variations, to be used in making informed choices and decisions…Development and Strategic Planning in Healthcare

Would you anticipate any resistance to implementation?

I would anticipate resistance to the implementation of the clinical pathways. Resistance may come from different parties such as patients.