Description of Swimming

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Description of Swimming

In the course of the groundwork for instructions on “How to prepare for swimming,” it is of critical concern to be familiar with what swimming is. Swimming is a kind of sport whereby an individual propels him or herself through water by the use of combined arms and motions and the ordinary floatation of the body.

The history of swimming dates back to the ancient times. The earliest evidence from studies carried around on swimming depicts that it started back during the Stone Age. This can be drawn from the various paintings evaluated to have been drawn about ten thousand years ago. However, written evidence shows that swimming was in existence around 2000BC. Some of the major references to swimming comprise of the Illiad, the Odyssey , Quran and the Bible among several others.

Swimming comes in different styles and carried out for various purposes. Swimming can either be done as exercise, a way of hanging out with friends and family and lastly as a competition or career for life saving purposes. While preparing for swimming, there are different styles that are majorly used for swimming. On the other hand, some of the basic techniques for swimming are butterfly stroke swimming, breaststroke, backstroke swimming and the freestyle stroke swimming………………Description of Swimming

Compare the pictures below. Each person is swimming but can the swimming styles are different and only a swimming specialist and people experienced in swimming can be in a position what the different styles are and how one is able to swim with that particular style.

Swimming is an art that is not easily attained but requires training. The impossibility encountered with swimming is on how the swimming person is able to float and move on water without swimming. People may be trained different styles of swimming depending on the different intentions they have.

There are different terminologies associated with the parts of a swimming pool. Basing on the fact that this is not common knowledge and many people might not be familiar with , the illustration below has labeled the different parts of a swimming pool and allows you to see where they ……………….Description of Swimming