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Dennet is Yorick and the Body



Dennet is Yorick and the Body

The body cannot function without the brain and dennet can not function without his mind and the body. In order for dennet to go from one place to another one of the requirements is legs to walk, he also needs mouth to talk, ears to listen and nose to smell as well as to breathe. An impulse from the brain is what tells hims exactly what to do and what he want to do at a particular time at a given place. The main reason as to why I say that dennet is yorick and the body which in this case its called fortinbras is because even if dennets body is separated from the brain the neurologists, hamatologysts and the electrical Engineers have done a lot of research and worked on the brain by connecting a wireless electronic in to the body so that even when dennet is separated from the body he can still function very well without any inconviniences. The person telling a story is a combination of yorick and the new body, illustrating that dennets is now used to the new body and can function very well just like hamlet, it is like getting used to a new hair style or adding a new tattoo on your body.

Dennet is hubert and the body

Hurbert is a computer program that acts as the brain. It also functions like yorick. Hubert transmits information to the body which is fortinbras, the computer device  is what allows the body to do anything that dennets is in a position to do. He can explore the world just as he wishes. Hubert is in the support lab and dennets body is outside the world, since he contains the master switch dennets can choose to be Hubert even though the only difference between yorick and hubert is that hubert is a computer machine that controls the body and yorick is the actual brain of dennet, they both transmit information through the entire body. Since hurbet is a duplication of yorick they both share indentical functional outputs. Making it possible for dennet to be Hubert as well as to be yorick. The reason as to why I also say that dennets is Hubert is because there is no difference in switching to hurbert considering they both function the same in the new body

The location of Dennet is determined by his point of view demonstrating that his point of view can shift from the sensory point of view of the body to the non- sensory point of view, these can be articulated by his mission after hamlet failed , his self was ported back to the location of yorick at a very high speed of light while his perception followed later, meaning that the content of the point of view can be misguided and inaccurately demonstrate the absolute location. Dennet can be anyhere he wants to be that is he can be at the lab with no body or he can be outside the lab as as yorick trough the remote control and fortinbras exploring the world or he can be Hubert and Fortnibras moving around the world as long as he chooses to. According to me dennet is exploring the globe as both Hurbert, Yorick and Fortinbras all as one.Dennet is Yorick and the Body