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Death Penalty Commentary


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Death Penalty Commentary

What is your chosen topic, and how did you come across it? Why is it interesting to you? What do you personally hope to gain or accomplish by writing about this topic?

My chosen topic for this essay is on Death Penalty commentary. I came across this topic on newspapers and variety of websites…

What I find fascinating about this topic is that it has two contradicting opinions, and both have strong arguments to support their points. International human rights organizations claim that individuals……….

Provide a brief summary of the topic. Explain the current issues surrounding the topic and share at least two different positions on the topic.

The death penalty is a punishment of administered to criminals; mostly those who commit capital crimes. They are punished by execution. The people who are…………

What specific issue will you write about within the larger topic, and what unique angle will you provide?

Criminals punished by death penalties are usually those who have committed capital crimes. The initial intention of this……

Define your audience. Who are they, and what are their needs, motivations, and influences? In what ways will you need to structure your writing to appeal to them?

My audience for this topic is all groups of people starting from children to adults and even old people. Among all these………