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Dealing with conflict

In my reading this week, I learnt that conflict can arise from almost anywhere. Little conversations or lack of conversation and even the wrong response or action could trigger conflict. I also learnt that choosing a sunnier environment to resolve conflict achieves better results. There was also a lesson that there is always a solution for both parties involved in a conflict. I also learnt that disconfirming messages may be said to the other person to hurt them but in the end, they hurt both parties. I learnt that the best way to manage a conflict is if both parties win. I also learnt that gender and culture may influence the conflicts people have between them.

Lessons from chapter 8 will affect the way I listen to others during a conflict. Previously, I only wanted to be heard as the right one. I will also maintain sunny communication climates with people around me so that it is easier to solve conflicts. I will also strive to use confirming messages because I now know that Disconfirming messages do nothing to help situations. I will try to understand other parties as well because I learnt that they are reacting differently because of factors that affect them such as culture.

The video ‘You is smart, You is Kind, You is important’ shows the valuable lesson of not taking each other for granted. They use confirming messages to show their value for each other.  The two parties show a sunny communication climate and if conflict were to arise, they would not keep mad at each other for long. The other video however is the opposite. The big bang theory clip shows a mother and son who are so used to each other that their communication has boiled down to disconfirming messages. The son hardly recognises the mother’s help in laundry. The two seem to be harsh to each other all the time.Dealing with conflict

The videos and the readings help me as a student to be able to identify causes of conflict and avoid them. If the conflict occurs, I am better equipped to deal with conflict now than before. The video also teaches me that other students want to be heard and encouraged and now I know to do so through confirming messages. I have also learnt that indirect communication may help me as a student deal with others when they annoy me. In using indirect communication, they will be less hurt and still get the message at the same time. This way I get to make friends rather than enemies. As a student, passive aggression only spirals communication negatively. I will handle conflict better and as a result enjoy good relationships.