Dangers of cell phones

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Dangers of cell phones -Communication is the act of conveying information from one individual or group of people to another. The process of communication occurs through certain forms of media, which are responsible for conveying the intended information. The choice of the media form is usually determined by a number of factors among them distance, the urgency of the message, the privacy of the information being passed across and the parties involved in the communication process. As a result of globalization and technological advancements, mobile phones now the most efficient gadgets used in the process of communication. A cell phone or mobile phone can be defined as a portable telephone that has the ability of receiving and making phone calls over a radio frequency carrier. In addition to the call making function, the new era cell phones have undergone more innovation and increase in technology thus increasing the number of their functionality. Modern mobile phones apart from making phone calls also have the abilities of supporting a variety of other services such as text messaging, internet access, short range wireless communication and exchange of data, business applications, gaming, digital photography and music players.

These features have made modern cell phones, one of the vital assets that have almost become a basic need in the lives of many Americans. Studies reveal that close to 90% of the American adult population and 60% of the teenage population owned cell phones in the United States (Anderson, 2015). This portrays the wide use of cell phones that has also influenced the global world population. Despite the vast usage of this gadgets and the numerous functionality, cell phones have their limitations to the lives of the individual users. On May 31st 2011, World Health Organization stated that the use of cell phones may represent long term health risks to individuals due to the mobile phone radiation that was termed as having carcinogenic risks to the health of humans (“World Health Organization”, 2016). This document analyzes the possible dangers of cell phones to the health of individual users among other problems that are resultant factors of owning and using a cell phone……………Dangers of cell phones


Mobile phones use radiations, which are electromagnetic in nature and some of these electromagnetic radiations, may be harmful to human health. Although there is no direct relationship bet