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Damper Brace System



Damper Brace System

In the field of engineering, engineers have developed energy dissipating dampers, which today serve as the conventional method to increase the ductility, strength, and stiffness of structures. According to Lee, Min, Chung, and Lee (2007), the various dampers available today are classified depending on their damping force. The tuned mass or liquid damper is examples of mass-type dampers. Both these devices make use of an auxiliary mass inertial force. The other category of dampers is dependent on the relative response and their damping force is determined by the relative velocity or displacement between the damping device’s two ends. A bracing system is required for installation of the relative-response dependent dampers. It is here that the brace damper systems find applications. To achieve the desired target control performance, however, more dampers or dampers with higher capacity have to be used.

In the general press system including chevron, the damper response does not equal the desired structure response. Amplification of the structure response and its transfer to the ends of the damper permit larger damper forces to be applied. This, in turn, leads to economic efficiency since dampers whose capacity is smaller can still be used to achieve the desired control performance. In automobiles, the transfer of road-related vibrations through the steering wheel contributes to the fatigue of the driver since he is required to constantly adjust the steering. Such vibrations can make it hard for the driver to control the steering. However, steering dampers help to absorb these shocks, preventing them from reaching the driver. An example of this is the big bore shocks that are made by Traxxas from hard anodized aluminum (“Traxxas Big Bore Shocks”, 2019). To ensure smooth operations, the shock shafts are coated with titanium nitride, a compound that contributes to its durability as well. Although they are referred to as the “big bore”, their diameter is less than that of the ultras.Damper Brace System


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