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Daily Use of Marijuana


Find something related to smoking, alcohol, or other drugs in Michigan in the news (on TV), on the radio, in the newspaper, on the internet, etc. DO NOT choose a research article; I want it to be more media focused and ‘newsy’. You may want to choose a current event that will stimulate interest/discussion with your classmates (perhaps something controversial?!?!)! This assignment should be typed.
1. Provide the following background information at the beginning of your report:
a. Date you found the topic
b. Where you found it (newspaper, on TV, website, etc—be specific)
c. What was the general topic covered?

2. Paragraph 1: Summarize what you found (in your own words)

3. Paragraph 2: What are you thoughts about what was said/discussed in the chosen current event?

4. Paragraph 3: What do you think needs to be done to help change this problem/or change people’s behaviors regarding this problem?

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Healthcare: Daily Use of Marijuana

A shocking report on the daily use of marijuana by college students was published by the United Press International. The article was posted by Stephen Feller and featured on the internet on 3rd September 2015. The report, though talking on drug use, emphasized on marijuana usage among college students. It dug deep into marijuana usage by college students and how it was affecting both their academic perform and their social life.

According to the report, daily use of my marijuana by college students is the highest since 1980. It is evident that marijuana use has been on the increase. This trend has been so for the past eight years. Data collected by researchers indicated an increase of 5.9 per cent for the past nine years. This meant that one out of every seventeen students was using marijuana on a daily basis (Stephen, 2015).

According to the findings, it is quite shocking how college students are abusing drugs. The researchers are doing such a good work to help understand the rate of drug abuse in college schools. It is surprisingly shocking that this rate is on the increase, an indication of lack of discipline among the students. It also shows how many college students will be using the drug within the next few years (Stephen, 2015).

In conclusion, marijuana use is a serious problem especially among the college students. To avoid effects of marijuana on the nervous system, college students must be educated on its negative health effects. The use of marijuana should also be banned just like tobacco smoking. This will help protect the young college students from abusing it hence leading a healthy life.




Stephen F. (2015). Daily Use Of Marijuana By College Students Highest In 35 Years: Retrieved on 16th September, 2015.