Customer Satisfaction

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The customer is the king, and the customer is always right are concepts that every successful business or undertaking must always have in consideration as they indulge in the day to day running of their operations. Therefore, the relationship between the customer and any business is key and very essential for the survival and growth of companies. Consequently, the management of most companies endeavors to create a robust customer base laying emphasis on customer development and retention. It goes without mentioning that the only possible way to ensure such loyalty is through customer satisfaction.


Most companies have various indicators to measure the level of customer satisfaction. The companies use their various call centers, websites and field services to establish the degree of satisfaction of the customers. The companies rank the level of satisfaction with specific individual customer interaction. However, the truth of the matter is that customer satisfaction is a whole experience and pertains so much more. It involves identifying and establishing key journeys and having a proper understanding of the current performance in the market (Harvard Business Review, 2013). Companies that perfect in the field are sure to reap the benefits. Employee and customer satisfaction, high revenues and decreasing costs are some of the benefits that companies reap.

The main criticism that is evident in the article touches on the fact that customer satisfaction has been put forward as a goal that every company must pursue. However, the bitter truth is that it is very challenging for most companies to establish a system that is both effective and efficient in ensuring customer satisfaction. Moreover, attracting new and maintaining established customer networks result in exorbitant costs that most companies cannot risk to incur. Therefore, as much as customer satisfaction has its benefits, it is not a walk in the park to make it the strength of a company. The nagging question is what should companies do to ensure customers are well satisfied and keep coming back for more?