How customer behavior violence affects employees’ health and safety

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How customer behavior violence affects employees’ health and safety

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SUBJECT: Proposal for evaluating how customer behavior violence affects employees’ health and safety


Studies evince that customer behavior violence in the workplace results in harmful and at times overwhelming effects on the employees as well as management. The personal and economic toll can at times surpass basic calculations or presumptions in terms of suffering and loss as the stress that comes with it not only affects the employees’ health but also impacts on their families (Rafaeli, Erez, Ravid, Derfler-Rozin, Treister & Scheyer, 2012). A workplace violence survey conducted by Society for Human Resource Management indicated that over thirty-six percent of discordant organizations reported instances of customer behavior violence (, 2015). Ranging from verbal threats, physical threats, sexual assault, throwing objects, pushing, such actions add to the list of customer behavior violence acts that have caused immense agony to employees (Bartlett & Bartlett, 2011).

Statement of Problem

Customer behavior violence may be a subject that is all too familiar in today’s discourses and deliberations. However, what are the exact actions that constitute customer behavior violence? How are the employees’ health and safety affected by this menace? Are there effective ways or mechanism of curbing customer behavior violence and if there are, what are these mechanisms?


Proposed Study

Multiple employees continue to be subjected to discordant forms of customer behavior violence every year. One might even say the employees are at the mercies of customers and their acts of violence. This raises a prominent question on the issue of legal treatment or legislation of customer behavior violence. Given the relation of customers to business success, companies have given lip attention to exerting legal actions against such violent acts (Karatepe, 2011).  Damaging of employee health and safety has been a necessary sacrifice assumed by far too many companies and in so doing have perpetuated the mortifying vice of customer behavior violence. However, not to be too unforgiving on employers, some have taken the liberty of addressing customer behavior violence through fostering zero tolerance policy, installing security systems, recognizing and intervening with employees at risk and training employees on customer behavior violence awareness (, 2015). The subject of customer behavior violence must, therefore, be tackled with immense prominence.

Scope of the Study

To evaluate the problem of customer behavior violence and its effects on employees’ health and safety, we plan to engage in the following areas of inquiry:

  • What is customer behavior violence or what constitutes customer behavior violence?
  • Is customer behavior violence common?
  • What are the effects of customer behavior violence, be it physical or psychological?
  • What does the law require when it comes to dealing with customer behavior violence?