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Curriculum Vitae Writing

  • The main goal of this lesson is to help the students understand comprehensively how to c create/write, format and distribute a complete resume and curriculum vitae that accurately represents their experience, skills and educational background.


The student should be able to complete the following at the end of the class:

  • Showcase the ability to examine sample resumes and curriculum vitae and determine the best layout and content
  • Discern comprehensively the nature and purpose of a resume and curriculum vitae.
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop and produce their own resumes or curriculum vitae with 90% accuracy.

Rationale:Curriculum Vitae Writing

The lower intermediate ESL students in this class study discordant courses in the institution of higher learning, for instance, Art, Education, Economics and Engineering among others. Thus, it is vital to touch on cross-curricular subjects or topics in this course that students can benefit from irrespective of their fields of study. In this I found the area of job application to be one of the strongest areas wherein the courses overlap and so I designed a lesson plan that would treat the students the experience of mixed expertise. By focussing on the grammatical correctness and layout of the resume and curriculum vitae, as well as, the necessity of having a good resume or curriculum vitae from an academic and employment perspective, the students will be able to create their own personal resumes at the end of the lesson without facing significant difficulties.

Lesson Materials

  • Whiteboard or blackboard
  • Handout containing the objectives and requirements of the class
  • Colored Markers
  • Worksheets
  • Laptop


Tasks Time Procedures
Warm-up and Introduction         10


·         Open the class by distributing the handout containing the lesson objectives and requirements, as well as, the duration.

·         Students look at the handout and familiarize themselves with the content of the lesson.

·         Allow the students to ask any questions about things they do not discern from the handout and raise any matters arising from the previous class.

·         Have they students briefly explain what they already know about resumes and curriculum vitae.

·         Explain to the students what resume and curriculum vitae mean.

·         Write down some of the things the students mentioned about curriculum vitae and resumes.

Lecture about resume/curriculum vitae writing 30


·         Begin by discussing what a resume and curriculum vitae are and why they are vital.

·         Proceed to explain who needs a resume/curriculum vitae,

·         Discuss how resume/curriculum vitae have changed with technology, for instance, they are now created using word processing software and submitted via e-mail or the web.

·         Describe what constitutes a good resume, that is, the anatomy of a resume, for instance, contact information, educational background, work experience (employment history), skills and references. See Appendix A.





·         Discuss the format, content and layout of a resume and curriculum vitae.

·         Ask the students to suggest some of the Dos and Don’ts of creating a good resume or curriculum vitae.

·         Write the suggestions on the whiteboard and add your own the Dos and Don’ts.

Break Time 10



Resume/Curriculum Vitae Writing



·         After the brief break, display the resume in Appendix B on the whiteboard. Go through the discordant sections and ask the student what they think of the layout, content and format.

·         Display the resume in Appendix C on the whiteboard and compare the content, layout and format to that in Appendix B. Ask the students to decide on the appropriate layout for a resume to use and which includes all the necessary information.

·         Distribute Activity Worksheets 1 and 2 and ask the students to write their own resumes in a first draft, that Activity Worksheet 1 and then make corrections and suggest improvements in Activity Worksheet 2. See Appendix D.

Review and Analysis 10 Minutes ·         Review the correct way of creating a resume and curriculum vitae and remind the class that it is important to continually update their resumes and curriculum vitae.


Contingency Plan:Curriculum Vitae Writing


In order not to mislead the class or encounter any difficulties, I will display two samples of resumes on the whiteboard and allow the students to study and compare the different formats, contents and layouts and use the correct layout, format and content while writing their own resumes and curriculum vitae. This will ensure that the students do not experience any difficult understanding how to create and CV for academic and employment purposes.


The samples of resumes displayed on the whiteboard will be a way of assessing the ability of the students to distinguish between proper and improper resume layout, format and content. The resume writing activity will be a way of assessing the ability of the students to apply the concepts of resume and CV writing by creating their own proper and accurate resumes.








Appendix A

What is a Resume? A resume refers to a brief summary of an individual’s life to date, which outlines the aspects that would be of interest to a potential employer, admissions tutor or college.
When does a person need to create one? As soon as he or she is about to apply for a job or to a college to accompany the person’s written application.
What should a person include? Prominent personal details:



Telephone number

Date of birth


Education and training

Qualifications achieved in school

Employment and work experience

Hobbies and interests

Future applications/targets

References – names and contact information of referees



Appendix B

Scott’s First Resume




Surname                                 Don

First Name(s)                         Scott

Sex                                          Male

Age                                         16

Date of Birth                          20th June 1990

Address                                  41, Selwick Drive, London, ON, D51 3NK

Telephone number                (171) 526 8464

Nationality                             Canadian

Health                                     Good




Schools Attended                    1995 – 2001 Luckster High School


2001 – 2006 Swinton High School


Examinations                         High School Diploma




2 weeks at BC Leisure Centre                        Assistant – supervising & instructing

students in sporting activities


Part time jobs                                                  Local trout farm

Sports shop









Appendix C

Don Scott

41, Selwick Drive

Swinton, Ontario, D51 3NK,

Tel: (181) 548-9238



Qualifications/skills/Achievements/Personal Qualities

·         Excellent in communication with both adults and my

peer group.

·         Punctual and good attendance record.

·         Able to work efficiently in a team and alone.

·         Represented school and area in athletics and soccer.

·         Currently studying 9 subjects expecting above 80% in all.


Interests:         Soccer (school captain), rock concerts and athletics.


Work Experience:      Swinton Leisure Centre

·         Planning and organising activities for students

aged 6-13 years.

·         Assisting with display materials.

·         Coordinating with the public, mainly parents.

·         General duties.


Local Trout Farm

·         General assistant – cleaning ponds, feeding fish, managing transfer of trout and dealing with stock.


Sports Shop

·         Stock taking and ordering.

·         Serving customers.

·          Window display


Education:      Swinton High School


References:     Mr K Patrick, Principal, Swinton High School, Swinton, London, Ontario.

                        Mr D. McCain, Pondering Trout Farm, Pickering, London Ontario


I feel I am an enterprising and self-motivated sixteen year old with excellent communication skills and the ability to use initiative tactics to achieve my personal goals and ambitions.


Curriculum Vitae Writing


Appendix D

Activity Worksheet 1: Draft














Work Experience:     


























Activity Worksheet 2: Correct Resume





First Name(s):






Date of Birth:
















Work Experience: