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The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-time


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The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-time


After being accused of stabbing the neighbor’s dog, Christopher Boone; the autistic- pundit hero in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time sets about solving the case by himself. In his pursuits, he draws inspiration from his favorite fictional character Sherlock Holmes. With the same ability in observation and detective intuition as Holmes, Christopher tackles the case with great logic and immense mental resolve………..

. Despite his rare qualities and prowess, what are some of the challengs that Christopher faced in his endeavors? What kind of family did Christopher have and how did it affect him? How did other people treat Christopher? For an individual who evinces no emotion and meagerly relates with others, Christopher reveals an innate life that is extremely more fragile and shows that autistic people face many challenges and great stigmatization that often goes overlooked.…….

There is a notable absence of characters in the novel who can sympathize with Christopher. Instead, many characters insult and abuse him when they realize that he is naïve and disabled. They christen him “a bloody handful” (Haddon, 2003, p. 160) and “a prize specimen” (Haddon, 2003, p. 152). Despite Christopher’s inability to decipher the people’s insults and appears not to be bothered by them………..


Bullying, abuse, and casual insults are common experiences for people with autism and it is not inaccurate of Haddon to evince them in his novel. However, from a reader’s perspective, his portrayal is terrible. By portraying Christopher as not noticing or reacting to the abuse and insults, he suggests that exerting cruelty towards people with autism is not that bad. It is less likely for a reader to defend…………