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Culture is transferred from one generation

Learning in various culture takes place through language. From a young age, children learn to adopt the sound and communication around them and learn between right and wrong. Adults teach children by communicating important rules and practice. Learning can also take place through observation of cultural events. An example is cultural dance held in various Mexican communities don’t explain meaning but the action tells the meaning.

  1. Culture is transferred from one generation to another through stories and fables. The younger generation learn from the old by the stories told to them and through this they learn their cultural identity. An example is the Gulliver travel story. In this story not only does the learner learn about their culture but about others too and their difference.
  2. The meaning of culture being based on symbols is that culture use surrounding items to give meaning to known things or events. The resulting symbols give meaning to different aspect of culture. By example, the color black represent death in America while in china, the same event of death is represented by the color white. These two cultures depend on symbols to communicate their cultures.Culture is transferred from one generation
  3. Culture is integrated means that different cultures are constantly borrowing from other cultures and adding to their own culture without changing their own culture. A good example is African communities borrowing the idea of a white wedding while till carrying out their traditional wedding.
  4. Cultural dynamic means that culture is constantly changing. Some aspects that are important at one time are done away with sometime later. An example is that the African ay of life ha adopted more of the English culture and some past African cultures have been forgotten. African countries are more eternized today than they were in the past.
  5. All cultures are ethnocentric because the people believe what they know since childhood and because it worked for them, they think that other culture are inferior for doing things differently. A good example is an English-speaking nation like the United states forcing countries like china to learn English for trade or work opportunities. Ethnocentric means that one views their own culture as correct and therefore other culture are not as important so long as they don’t measure up to their own. All cultures are ethnocentric because it is part of human nature. Ethnocentrism affects cultural identity because the cultures identified as ‘inferior’ would want to borrow from the ‘advanced’ ones and forget their cultural identity and lose touch with their traditions. A good example is the effect of colonization in the countries that ere colonized. They ere forced to abandon their tradition and even their language to adopt new way of living.Culture is transferred from one generation Culture is transferred from one generation