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Cultural Colonization

The culture of any nation lies in its education, language, religion, media and other cultural aspects that make the people of a nation unique. Cultural colonialism is when more powerful nations use their wealth to control the values of developing nations through cultural aspects. When powerful countries colonize developing nations, their first line of penetration is influencing their culture which is the biggest strength of a nation. Powerful authorities use the power of politics and religion to control the identity of the nations; sometimes they win and sometimes people retaliate.

Most countries that are technologically forward depend on media for all information. In the article ‘Information Feeds to the war on Terror,’ TV series on terrorism are responsible for particular cultural narratives (Nunn).  Because of these movies a major part on the world believes that all Muslims are terrorists. The media has taken over education, entertainment and the spread of political ideologies. Politicians especially use the media to communicate any important or controversial issue through the media. This enables the spread of political ideologies and the formation of followers to the popular ideas. The media is also the eyes of people from one part of the world to a different part of the world and therefore a big influence to culture. People will copy other culture because they have seen them in the media. According to Benjamin in ‘The Work of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction’, traditions and cultural authenticities are lost in media through reproduction and transition (Benjamin). He was right because even the media reporting of a different culture is lost especially during translation especially when the language has to be translated.

America is a country born from the Christian foundation. This is because most of the people that came to Native America professed the Christian faith. The missionaries tried hard to convince the natives to embrace this new religion and in the process changed an important part of their culture. Arthur Kroker, in ‘Digital Cosmologies’ stated that religion is using technology to propel itself in other cultures. America is now predominantly Christian despite the presence of other faiths such as Islam or the Jewish faith. This is because a majority of the political leaders are Christian and most of the voters are Christian who feel like they should vote for their own. There is also a serious issue where other religions are demonized such as the Nazi’s campaign against Jews and sometimes America blames Islam for its troubles. This demotion of other religions is an attack to culture. Manifest Destiny theorizes that America assumed that it was its God-given right to rule (Scott). His explanation of Manifest Destiny is an example of using religion to influence culture. Cultural Colonization

Education is a powerful influence to any culture. Education utilizes language first to influence culture because to be able to study in America, one needs to be able to use the English language or learn Japanese to be able to study in Japan. Education also influences culture by feeding students the values of the nations they are studying. As an example, every nation first teaches their history and values before teaching those of any other country. In America, for example, students regardless of if they are foreign or not will be required to be aware of the American system. Through this process a foreign student’s culture is eroded in a way, because they get so focused on learning values and processes of their host nation. Education is very likely to retain foreigners to their host nation through offering job opportunities after graduation.

The language a country uses is a powerful political tool. This may be the reason why all colonized countries speak the language of their former colonizers. Formerly colonized countries favor these foreign languages so much that most of them use as the national language. It is not colonized countries alone because countries like France and Japan who don’t use English as first language find pressure to learn the language for economic purposes. The politics of language are one way that developed nations influence the culture of other nations.Cultural Colonization

Authorities win because people get trapped by admiring the new cultures which are different from their own. Because powerful nations are wealthy, people think that by copying their culture they will be successful as well. Some people revolt by refusing to adapt to the changing world like the instruction of schools in other languages other than the predominant English language.

In conclusion, with the recent technological advances, it is safe to say that culture is likely to face more colonization. Technology has made it easier to find out about other parts of the world. As such, it is also easier to erode a particular culture as there is more information about it than was previously known.Cultural Colonization




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