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CSCJ 400 Comparative Systems Analysis



CSCJ 400  Comparative Systems Analysis

Paper Guide (75 points)

Each student is required to develop a research paper on another country of his or her choice.   (Recall early in the semester each student was asked about a country and city of travel.    For those who have not travelled beyond the U.S., you are asked to consider a country that you would like to visit in the future.)

  1. A current history of the county: The developments of the country within the past 20 years are sufficient.  Specifically,
    1. Demographics:
      1. Population
      2. Land size/mass
  • Main industries-CSCJ 400  Comparative Systems Analysis
  1. GDP
  2. Educational system
  3. Poverty levels (and other levels of economic  standing if you can find!!)
  1. What is the political organization? What political parties are there and what does the party represent?
  • Criminal Justice system: Use our text as a guide.  Specifically include the adopted systems of police, courts, and corrections.  (Feel free to include organization charts/illustrations also.)
  1. Recent issues of crime. Remember based on our study, crime may not be limited to the focus on street crime.  It is important to not limit your thinking about issues that are declared important in cultures different from your own.  Broaden your thinking here.
  2. Areas of comparison with the U.S.: Focus on a system for comparison. E.g., within courts, create a comparison of similarities and differences in this area.  (Note: you are given the flexibility to create a method for your comparison.)
  3. Summary and Conclusions: Summarize and conclude!
  • Bibliography:CSCJ 400  Comparative Systems Analysis


Research Sources: Below are select research sources for your work.  Your paper will be evaluated based on your inclusion of information provided in at least three (3) of these sources.  (Hint: sources should be both documented in your work and included in your bibliography.)

  1. The World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems
  2. United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (UN-CTS)
  3. Statistical Office of European Communities (Eurostat)
  4. International Police Organizations (Interpol)
  5. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Journals-CSCJ 400  Comparative Systems Analysis

  • Criminal Victimization in International Perspective.
  • Austrialian Police Journal
  • Police Practice & Research: An International Journal


Scholarly work can also be found in the bibliographies following our text book chapters.  These are excellent sources and are easily connected to the subject areas.  Explore these works also.


I have provided a couple of legitimate internet sources!!!  Be sure to select from those with extensions “” or “” or “”  (Be sure that the latter reflects a widely recognized organization.)  These extensions reflect an authoritative source.   “” is discouraged as these are commercial and reflect information for sale.   


Paper length


EXCLUDING the title, table of Contents and Bibliography, this work should be no less than twelve (12) pages.  Pages are to be double-spaced, size 12 font with approximately 250 words per page (between 2,622 and 3,818 characters per page.  This is a typical full 8×10 page using Times New Roman.)



DUE TUESDAY, November 25TH

*In Class