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Critique of the Spaucy’s Presentation



Critique of the Spaucy’s Presentation

Spaucy’s presentation is about a debate on whether student athletes should be paid or not.  The whole presentation focuses on the negatives and positives of paying student-athletes.

The presentation is quite a great one. Spaucy presents very remarkable principles of public speaking. He tries to pose questions to his audience. For example, when he asks “should student athletes be compensated?” This created a good relationship with his audience and it is a sign that he is involving his audience due to the fact that they pause even to ask some questions. This makes his audience to better comprehend his speech. The weakness evident in this speech is that at the beginning he starts at a low tone like he is not confident. The topic for the presentation didn’t come out well. Although this was evident at the beginning, he gained confidence and presented the remaining part with confidence. This affected the speech in a negative way.  Spaucy is trying as much as possible not to be bias. This is a strength to this presentation. He posses all the pros and cons to the audience about why a student-athlete should be paid and leave the decision for them. Throughout the speech, he has tried to boost this. This has made the speech to capture the attention of his audience.  By providing more evidence and involving his audience more than he has in this presentation will help improve the presentation. Besides making the presentation a captivating one it will also capture the attention of his audience.

In conclusion, this critique focuses on three critiques which include: principles of public speaking, weaknesses and strengths and ways to improve. For the principles of public speaking, he portrayed quite an excellent picture of the same, thus enabling his audience to understand his speech better.  Inaudible was the weakness which made his audience to stain a lot hence making the most important part of the speech not to be heard by the audience.  Letting his audience make a decision for themselves was the strength of this presentation which affected the speech positively. He should work on providing more evidence, being more confident and being more involving in order to improve his presentation.Critique of the Spaucy’s Presentation