Critical Reflection



Critical Reflection

When I came to America to pursue my studies, I encountered numerous challenges that ranged from language barriers to difficulties in adapting to English academic communities that I had not interacted with before. When I enrolled in the university, the first thing that I had to attend was English lessons that aimed at helping me communicate better in English. Consequently, I  started attending lessons at the Intensive English Institute (IEI). Although it was a requirement for all the international students, the lessons helped me to improve my ability to communicate in English. Moreover, these classes played a major role in improving my listening ability. Before attending the IEI lessons, it was extremely difficult for me to communicate with native English speakers. I felt that their speed of speaking was too high. Moreover, I at times thought that they were intentionally making it difficult for me to hear by pronouncing words inappropriately. After attending the lessons, however, I realized that by listening more carefully, it was not that difficult to hear.Critical Reflection

In this refection, I will address some of the challenges that I have experienced as an international student at Maine University while referring to the two essays that I wrote previously. According to my own experience, students that are learning English as their second language face numerous challenges. They include poor spelling, pronunciation, and grammar. Moreover, their English vocabulary tends to be limited, a factor that affects their ability to form sentences. I think there are several reasons for this. o begin with, there are some letters in English can have different sounds. Moreover, there are many instances where spelling and pronunciation fail to match. In my case, I found words that have silent letters and homophones to be extremely confusing. After several lessons, however, I began to develop my writing ability through the teacher’s assessment. Moreover, the feedback that I got helped me to master grammar rules and regulations.

In ENG 101, I was given several subjects and asked to choose any two that were related and write an essay. In the end, I choose subject 1.7 and 4.3 which bear the titles “Assessing writing shapes context and instruction” and “Failure can be an important part of writing development” respectively. I found the two to be extremely relevant given that they highlight some of my struggles to master English language and improve my writing ability. Moreover, the subjects laid emphasis on the role of teacher’s assessment and feedback and ways in which students can benefit from them.  One of the most interesting and encouraging quotes that I came across stated that “one of the most important things students can learn is that failure is an opportunity for growth.”  Form this statement, I learned that to succeed as an English second language learner, I must be willing to compose multiple drafts and pay attention to the teacher’s feedback. Additionally, I realized that for me to become a better writer I must utilize every opportunity to rethink my ideas and rewrite them when required to. Critical Reflection