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Gratitude component with attention to feeling and emotion

Not all people are grateful but at least some are. I feel and think that we all ought to be grateful as one, in one way or another needs a helping hand and being grateful is like paying back, only that gratitude is worth more than money. Thanking you when you hand in the report for me or buy me a gift is not bad It contributes a great deal to the aspect of being humane. It is actually rude not to be grateful, like suggesting that the other person is doing a basic and perhaps necessary chore for you. Though I really don’t like being emotional, I just show I’m grateful but not be too soppy about it. It’s great to understand that we are not each other’s employers or rather employees. I strongly feel that being grateful is indispensable in cases of corporate living where there’s a feel or actual existence of interdependence.


Relationship to fear component

I have fears, I can’t say how deep they are, but they are there; both inner and outer fears. Mostly inner fears win because they are rarely expressed plus the outer fears are common in most people. I can say that my inner fears, those unexpressed ones are my undoing. It’s like a parasite eating one from the inside and it has its consequences cause it consumes you more than what people know, that is your outer fears, as people can help you out according to what they know. My outer fears are easily handled, having friends helps a lot, I mean, and you get to hear different views on how to approach various issues that could have otherwise destroyed me if I kept to my own confined space filled with only me. Outer fears are an expression of some of the disbeliefs one has in regard to society and when they are known it helps out a little.


Personal reflections in regard to class activities

Class activities help a lot in molding me, from the interactions and the questions asked and answered. The corporate world makes me see the need of my own contribution