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Crime and punishment cases

 A brief summary of the problem (Question 1)

The problem is that doris is a criminal who was convicted to have sold heroine to an undercover agent. She also escaped from prison and now she has a family that loves and adore her, yet she did not tell the family about her past that has now caught up with her leading to her arrest.

What happened to doris, what she did and what she thinks (Question 2)

Doris said that when she committed the crime she was young, stupid and hippie. After escaping prison she was worried of being caught. She regretted getting herself into the situation and  arresting her would affect the lives of her son and older daughters.Crime and punishment cases

What does doris’s husband think about doris? (Question 3)

Doris’s husband thinks that ever since they got married, Doris has been a nice person full of intergrity and compassion. She had dedicated her life to raising her children. The husband also thinks arresting doris would impact the family negatively..

What does the children think about Doris? (Question 4)

The children think their mather is loving and caring.  She taught them how to be responsible and avoid drugs.

What does the neighbours think about Doris? (Question 5)

The neighbor thought that Doris was reformed and sending her back to prison would be of no great importance to the society.

What do I think about the legal points? (Question 6)

From my perspective, Doris being a drug dealer should face consequences as stipulated by the law. As much as she is reformed and living a normal life, she is a fugitive on the run and should hope for clemency from the governor to earn her freedom.Crime and punishment cases

What should be done? (Question 7)

It was unethical for Doris to go against society’s morals by escaping prison. Being a drug dealer was against the accepted values hence she should accept the extradiction and hope for clemency from the governer to earn her freedom now that she is refo