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Course Overview

This course was quite detailed and interesting, and I discovered so many things that I had never known before. Art is the application or an expression of a person’s imagination and skills that are presented sculptures or paintings. The work of art is appreciated because of its emotional power and beauty. I also discovered that art is a very broad concept, and it’s not constrained to my previous thoughts of paintings. The course introduced various forms of work of art and how they are presented. I have found the course quite helpful as it has sharpened my life and art skills. I have also understood the importance of work of art and the extent in which the work of art goes.This is the course overview.

There is two essential component that I have come to like most of the work of art that is the collaborative art and the real art. Collaborative art entails putting personal ego aside and trying to work on one common idea. The work that is presented or the image that is portrayed by the artistic work tends to be stereotypical and in fact, I sometimes feel that it is tough for artists to invite other artists into their work directly. Creating a collaborative work of art is therefore not for everyone but only those who can incorporate others into their work or art. And for those who engage in collaborative work jointly- working together in collaborative work can be quite an exciting process. While the physical art is the piece of art that actively exist in space, physical reality. Though the piece of art may be sharply realized, they tend to abstract from the fact of nature. For instance the sculpture, paintings tend to exist in the physical world. A music performance exists in the physical world, but the composition that makes up the music itself such as the computer software do not exist in the physical world