Could this problem have been avoided by Abdul? How?



Could this problem have been avoided by Abdul? How?

Yes, this problem could have been avoided by Abdul. It is through notifying the workers of the vacant position of a supervisor and giving an equal opportunity for those interested in the post to apply. Similarly, the human resource manager should have been aware that the promotion of one of the employees has got cost implications. To that end, he should have led discussions on the effects of this situation on the budget and therefore given the management an appropriate advice. Besides, before giving Han the job, Abdul should have carried a performance evaluation with the aim of establishing whether Han had accomplished his goals in the scope of work or not. Equally, Abdul should have concentrated on succession plans and taken his time to have a look at careers which should have been followed by the projections of the future aims or objectives of the company.

What is your solution to this problem?

 This calls for a training need for the supervisors. In this, the training would involve how to manage sound human resource relationships, training on hiring and promoting employees, good organization communication, teamwork, and consultation. In this, if the two employees were to be maintained; their broken personal relationship ought to be rebuilt. Also, discussion with the seniors would bring different ideas to solve the problem.

A three-month probation; too, would be a solution. This would give Miss Lee a chance to prove her worth through performance to the company. In completion, an appraisal would be conducted using different department representatives. This would ensure transparency, criticism and participatory evaluation before offering a permanent contract.

Also, developing a company human resource policy would prevent any future occurrences. This is highlighting on hiring, firing, promotion, expected employees code of ethics, employees and the company roles and responsibilities, the cause of action and consequences for any actions. In this, Ella Smith would bring expertise in contracts, HR, and Business Law.


What is your solution to this problem?  What needs to be done to get the department running smoothly again? 

Several things ought to be done with the goal of ensuring that the department is running smoothly again. Key among this include;  through letting the other workers have the understanding that Amie will not be engaged in the provision of technical advice; instead the employees should be informed that Amie will be assisting Abdul in the carrying out of the administration roles. To that end, software people will be doing their reports to Abdul. Equally, to get the department running smoothly again, the management should have focused on doing training to the employee before handing him the job. They should also have come up with a policy that would have guided the promotion procedure. The implementation of this guideline could have been critical in solving the problems faced by the departments.

How will you prevent this problem from occurring again in the Company?  To avoid this problem from happening, the management of the company should ensure that there is an identification of an accurate policy and that every employee is made aware of the existence of the regulation. Similarly, training of the HR is vital in overcoming the emergence of this problem. The conduction of performance reviews and cultural practice are also imperative in curbing the occurrence of this obstacle.

What is this case study about?  What areas of OB does it cover?  The case study is about Human Resources and the regulations or policies.  This topic is crucial in the work environment because it is one of the factors that make an organization to tick. Failure of the human resources leads to poor performance which affects the company enormously. For instance, it can be through the making of low profits or incompetent workers.


What are some of the theories that are covered in this case?  How would you apply them?  An ideal example of a theory that is covered in the case study is the anchoring bias. This theory is used to imply that an individual derives a judgment from a point that is familiar but is irrelevant to the obstacle that it is intended to overcome. This situation may take place when a customer is involved in the valuation of a product or a service produced by a particular firm through the application of the cost of the commodities in the previous period of the time.

Could this problem have been avoided by Abdul? How?


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