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The paper talks about the relationship between corporate social and responsibility and business and human rights, and how the two should bridge the gap between responsibility and accountability.



Question 1
The title of the article is Corporate Social Responsibility Versus Business and Human Rights: Bridging the Gap Between Responsibility And Accountability. Anita Ramasastry is the author of the article; she is the foundation professor of law in University of Washington and director, graduate program on sustainable international Development Law, University of Washington School of law. She is also an expert in the field of business and human rights………………….

The article under the research by Anita Ramasastry focuses on the merging corporate social responsibility and business and human rights discourse. The gap between the responsibility and accountability has drift away even further due to the diverging of business and human rights and corporate social responsibility instead of the two converging since they are intertwine, therefore the article is focused in closing the gap between them such that the two can be able to work together and achieve the same interest. The difference comes in where, while corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on companies having a responsible behavior, business and human rights (BHR) focuses in ensuring that the corporates become accountable of their activities that may cause harm to the society. The article also explore the evolution of BHR from the perception of lawyer’s and examine……………….

Question 3
The main findings in the article are; the critical understanding of the different roles of CSR and BHR since they are intertwined but they seem to be different due to their origins. BHR is said to have originated from human rights advocates and legal academics that focus in rights and remedies for the society or humans, while CSR is said to have originated from scholarship of business academy…………………………

Question 4
In my opinion, the article has well explained the relationship between CSR and BHR in the ethical context and the focus of each discourse. CSR is purposed to ensure responsibility in the corporates behavior and BHR has the focus in the accountability of the companies pertaining human rights, thus my view is that to say that BHR is perceived as failure is not true since its mandate is to ensure that the corporate and companies account for……………