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Annotated Bibliography

Source: Chaves, T., Rocha, T., Reuther, J., & Fernandes, R. (2017). Social business in multinational corporations: an analysis of marketing practices . Revista Eletrônica de Negócios Internacionais , 61-73.

Overview: This article has addressed a very serious issue, Corporate Responsibility. The article has majored on the impact that some multinationals have on the Brazilian society. The authors provide that new companies are tasked with the duty of ensuring that they are able to positively impact the society. These are through actions such as improving the social amenities and eradicating social problems such as poverty and inequality. The firm has different ways of ensuring social uplifting. These ways are addressed by the two theoretical approaches. Firstly, they are able to partner with the government and the civil societies. These are through actions such as funding the projects. Secondly, the firm may decide to carry out private activities that would enable them get solutions to the social problems.

           This article has been written by a team of economists and researchers. They have come up with an issue that sways companies from the usual norm; Making profits. These social ventures are in most cases non-profitable to the company. However, these social businesses will be able to benefit the company in terms of building their reputation. As a result, the firm or company will be able to get customers and ensure loyalty in their new markets. These are positions that were proved from the findings from the study. They were able to study Coca-cola Brasil and Danone Brasil. In addition their findings were carried out based on both secondary and primary sources. This group of economists was able to get a number of secondary sources which they came up with various issues to address. From these readings, they were able to formulate the questionnaires which they gave to the different stakeholders. From the data that they were able to get from the study, it was clear that these social businesses have a positive impact on the image and reputation of the business.

In conclusion, this article is important to my proposal since it will affect a large part of the store’s activities. From this article, it is evident that the store has to employ a large percentage of the staff from the surrounding individuals. In addition, the store will have to play a part in the social activities of the society. These include, advocating for the right of women and children. Therefore, the knowledge in this article is vital for the success of y proposal.

Source: Rodrigues, J., Mazzola, B., Sutter, M. B., Miyahira, N. N., & Fleury, M. (2017). The Corporate             Branding in International Operations. Revista Eletrônica de Negócios Internacionais , 1-12.

Overview: The authors carried out a research on the issue of corporate branding. It was realized that a huge percentage of the businesses have resorted to creating brands as a way of ensuring that they are successful in the new markets. Companies are constantly trying to get access to new markets. Therefore, globalization is a subject that they must always address. The companies may decide to globalize in different ways. Some firms may decide to export their products while others may opt to open companies in the new markets. Therefore, this study as carried out in order for the companies to understand the various ways that they can be able to improve their sales. The research realized that a large percentage of the market always buy brands. The reputation of the product will always end up determining whether the product will do well or not.

This article has been written by a team of corporate researchers. Therefore, their findings are viable. In addition, their conclusion on the importance of the corporate branding on the success of the international firms is backed by findings from the study that they carried. They considered various marketing approaches, signals, image, key values, differentiation, and experience. In addition, their findings were backed by numerous writings from different scholar. Therefore, this article is a vital source for my proposal.

Considering that I have a plan of opening a sports store in Saudi Arabia, we can major on the brand as a way of ensuring we penetrate into the market. Nike is a global brand and we will try and market ourselves to the market based on the company’s reputation. This article has inputted a lot of knowledge on what we need to consider as a way of attracting the target market. Therefore, this article is very important when developing the action plan and during the marketing process.

Source: Patsula, P. (2007). The Entreprenuer’s Guidebook Series. Oregon: Alan Caruba.

Overview: This simple guidebook has addressed a vital issue in the success of any business. The location of the store and the size of the store may always decide on whether the store will be successful or not. The author provides that the entrepreneur should take their time in surveying where they will open the store. They are required to carry out numerous research and studies on the particular market in order to have an understanding of where there is a higher possibility of success. The author provides that it is important for one to set up a shop at a busy location. For example, the best place to set up a retail store is in a mall or in the middle of town. This will make the marketing easier and further it will be more accessible to the customers.

           This book has been written based on years of research. Therefore, the issues that he has addressed can be considered to be backed by research. For instance, even though the Nike brand is known, hiding it in some deserted street will end up making the business have to spend a lot of money in advertisements. Therefore, the positioning of the store will be based on various factors as they have been stipulated in this guidebook.

Conclusively, the proposal will gain a lot of insight from this guidebook. It has addressed various factors such as taxation and competition which must be taken into account when choosing the location. Therefore, instead of choosing a store based solely on the rent to be paid, my proposal will address a myriad of issues. The book has also given points that address the layout of the shop. Even though Nike stores have their standard layout, adding an Arabic feel to the store will be an important activity. This will make it easier for the store to attract the new society.

Source: Zweifel, M. (2013). Before you take the leap, consider these 6 things. Retrieved August 02, 2017, from the PDTC:

Overview: This article has laid out the factors that one needs to consider before opening up a sports or fitness store. The sports and fitness stores are unique since they target specific individuals. Therefore, running these stores will always be different from other businesses. The market, the supplies, and the rules governing these stores will always be different from the typical stores. Therefore, the author provides that before opening these stores, we are supposed to take into consideration factors such as the competition, availability of supplies, and mode of advertising. These are issues that will help the business decide on various factors. These include, whether or not they are supposed to import their goods, the staff and even whether we are supposed to open the store as a whole.

           The author is an owner of a successful sports and fitness facility therefore the issues he has stipulated that need to be followed are first hand from his experience. He has taken a step further and given a number of issues that must be taken into account as we run the sports store. These include factors such as the working hours and connections. He provides that the sports stores will always be successful in cases that they have been able to maximize the connections and customer loyalty. For example, the store should target the gyms and other fitness facilities as a way of ensuring that they can tap the customers.

In conclusion, this article is important to my proposal since it has addressed directly the issue of opening a sports store. In addition, the article has made is clear that the success of the store is dependent on the action plan. Therefore, the issues that he has addressed will enable me to formulate an action plan. In addition, the factors that he has provided that we are supposed to take into consideration must be considered. Therefore, this article is important for the planning, implementation, and the running of the new sports store.