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CORE 110 Effective Writing

Illustrative Writing Homework
As you begin any illustrative essay, you’ll start by learning about your topic, or learning more about it if you’re already familiar with it. Since an effective illustration essay can be structured and written around any topic, for this practice exercise you were given a random one. Each one is or was a real, living person, but one you may not know much about, if anything. Fill out the worksheet below as practice prep for a hypothetical illustration essay you might write about your given topic. When due, you will present your findings to the rest of the class.


Topic: Susan B. Anthony


Google them. Write down some general or interesting facts. What is this person known for?


Anthony is known for her significant role in advocating for the rights of women to vote. She is also recognized for founding the suffrage movement. Additionally, she played an active role in Abolitionist and Temperance movements.

She is identified as a woman who lived a head of her times since she believed in the need for women being given the freedom to enjoy all rights that male citizens were entitled to, such as the right to vote and education.


Is there an available photo of them? Include it here:

Photo of Susan B. Anthony



CORE 110 Effective Writing


Are there any books written by this person or about this person? Check the library as well as How might you obtain a copy of this book if you needed to write about this person for your paper? Are there any reliable online sources with good information about this person? (Articles, blog posts, etc.) Choose some of the best ones and list why you picked them and how they may or may not be useful later to support a thesis about this person in an illustration essay.


Lucile Davis has written about titled Susan B Anthony that is available online. I have chosen this particular source because it contains important information about her lifetime fight for women’s right to vote. Additionally, the book can be obtained online without incurring any significant costs.

Susan B. Anthony: The Woman Who Changed the Mind of a Nation is being offered by According to this company, this source is an original work that may be culturally important. I have therefore picked it because it is highly reliable. Moreover, it can be obtained through Amazon at a cost of approximately $25.

The book Susan B. Anthony: Champion of Women’s Rights is available online. It is an inspiring collection of biographies that focuses on contributions made by Anthony in advocating for women rights. The source is reliable and can be accessed freely.  

CORE 110 Effective Writing

Search Youtube and Facebook for videos about them. Are these video sources reliable and credible? Why or why not? If so, what credible information did you learn about your subject?

Several videos about Susan B. Anthony are available. I have selected two documentaries titled Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B Anthony and Susan B. Anthony – A Relentless Leader available at and respectively. These video sources are both reliable and credible because the information presented in them can be verified and proved using other sources such as books. They are both primary sources that focus on the fight for equal rights by women in 19th and 2oth centuries without bias.

The videos helped me to tract several key events that Anthony was involved in. I learnt that the collaboration between Anthony and Stanton translated into a highly productive partnership that defined the history of the US. Anthony was uncompromising leader of women’s rights. This attribute together with her inspiring nature helped her to revolutionize women’s condition, both social and political, within the American society. I learnt that she was an important figure within the suffrage movement. She got involved in activism at a tender age of 17. She played an instrumental role in both Temperance and Abolitionist Movements. Apart from suffrage, she influenced achievement of several other goals. For instance, the goal of prohibit alcohol that she advocated through the Temperance Movement was eventually achieved. Consequently, widespread cultural shifts took place in the American societies. Through the videos, I learnt that Anthony became the first female whose image appeared on the United States currency.              


CORE 110 Effective Writing

If possible, write down a direct quote by this person. When/Where/Why did they say it?

“The only question left to be settled now is: Are women persons? And I hardly believe any of our opponents will have the hardihood to say they are not. Being persons, then, women are citizens; and no state has a right to make any law, or to enforce any old law, that shall abridge their privileges or immunities. Hence, every discrimination against women in the constitutions and laws of the several states is today null and void, precisely as is every one against Negroes.” Anthony said this in 1873 during Monroe Country, New York to advocate for women to be granted the right to vote.


What are some qualities this person possessed?

Susan B. Anthony was a motivator of people

She was a visionary leader

She was decisive

She had good judgment

She was self-confident

She accepted and took responsibility.

She had great energy reserves and extraordinary stamina.

CORE 110 Effective Writing

What then might you be able to “prove” about this person by using concrete, detailed examples from their life and work? (Quotes, videos, books, articles, historical info, etc.) Thesis statement:

Susan B. Anthony inspired thousands of American citizens to fight for the right to take part during political elections through her writing and social actions. It is through her efforts that the 19th amendment was effected. 


What are 3 ways you might make that point? What 3 topic sentences that could make up your 3 body paragraphs?

  1. For several years, Anthony worked hard to educate women that for them to experience true reforms; they would need to obtain the right to vote even though this had been rendered impossible to the extent that it appeared ridiculous to think of it.
  2. Anthony had an exact sign of greatness that was void of pretension.
  3. Despite the fact that she encountered many obstacles and went through many challenges, she never run out of ideas on women could obtain equal rights as men.

List 2 concrete, specific examples that support each of those 3 topic sentences. (6 total)

  1. Under her leadership, what was originally a movement advocating for the rights of women was transformed into women’s suffrage movement and did not have male membership.
  2. Through her vision, thousands of women fought for a Constitutional amendment that would eventually give them to the right they desired.

    CORE 110 Effective Writing

  1. For more than three decades, Anthony worked tirelessly hard. She travelled, wrote, educated American citizens, and staged public protests as she demanded that women and Negroes be given a right to vote.
  2. Though by the end of the 19th century it became evident that she would not live to witness the passage of the amendment that she had fought for, she remained radical in her thinking.
  3. She initiated a door-to-door operation to collect signatures required to draw up a petition that sought empower women to vote and possess property.
  4. She used regular lectures and trips across the nation to win support for her movements.   

CORE 110 Effective Writing

What might a good title for your essay be? (Topic: What I Hope to Prove About It)

The Inspiring Life of Susan B. Anthony