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Controversial Healthcare

Public health programs differ from state to state. It is an everyday problem that needs resolution and most times, states try to find solutions. Politics however have infiltrated the health sector and most times, politics delay the process instead of finding sustainable solutions. Every state has its own beliefs on healthcare leading to varied healthcare plans of what works best in each state.

Healthcare was adopted by states to cater for the needy but since then has had various issues like overdependence, not covering enough people, excluding some services and many more. Resolutions such as the Obamacare have only made the politics worse as people argue against rising costs. Funding has been the biggest problem for Medicaid and solutions for this have not really been found.

America is yet to have an overall medical cover that will be inclusive of everyone. Everyone requires medical attention and limiting it to a few people is unfair. The healthcare in America has been a hot political issue for far too long and policy makers need to find solutions fast. It has not all been stormy however as some solutions such as CHIP and home care for the aged are proving to save money and improve care as well.Controversial Healthcare

Healthcare today is a far cry from the days doctors gave home visits. Even in the face of rural hospitals closing down, hospitals today are better equipped. The only thing pulling the health sector behind is unnecessary fights between democrats and republicans. The day health care is not politicized and both parties agree to find a solution is the day American health will improve for the better. Compared to other developed nations, America is lugging behind. America has the resources to better the health sector, only policy makers are sleeping on the job.