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Construction Project

During our construction project, our group members employed various techniques that lead to the effective organization of our speech presentation. In our project, we chose to reconstruct a debate speech by McMillan of the “Rent is too damn high party”. This is because this speech lacked an organizational method that was used during the presentation.  Our group therefore choose to reconstruct the speech in such a way that it would have lured people into voting for Jimmy McMillan who was among the candidates in the 2010 governor of New York elections. This paper analyzes the language, organizational structure, support material, reasoning and any visual activities employed during our group’s construction project.

The use of repetition is among the techniques that was employed by our group members during the construction project. Repetition is the act of repeating an action or something multiple times in either speech or writing with an aim of persuading the audience into supporting whatever you are saying. During our project, repetition was employed during the title of the speech “Rent is too damn high”. This title was to act as an attention getter during the speech. The main point that was emphasized in the title was the high cost of the rent paid by the residents of New York. This was achieved through stressing the degree of the cost of rent in New York. The use of the phrases “damn” and “too” are phrases which were mainly employed repetitively to stress the high cost of the rent in New York.

After the introductory part, our construction employed the use of credentials which was mainly employed to familiarize the audience with the speaker. Credentials are the various positions of power that people in authority possess. People listening to a speech are likely to be attracted to a speech that include a learned speaker. In our project, the credentials that were employed by the group included first the mentioning of the state from where the speaker comes from. This was presented as “I am from Brooklyn, NY”. Listeners therefore would feel attached to the speaker because the speaker was also a resident of their geographical area and would efficiently help the citizens because they both suffered similar problems. The next part of the credentials mainly focused on the power or authority held by the speaker. This was represented by “I have worked in the postal service and I am a veteran of Vietnam”. This clearly portrayed the position and role that has been played by the speaker. The audience would therefore increase their levels of concentration after listening to the credentials of the speaker.