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Confidence during a Public Speech

The video by Wellcast titled ‘Be a more confident public speaker’ is about reducing anxiety during a speech presentation. The video gives three tips which it calls the ‘Triple Three’. The triple three are preparation, posture and pander to the audience. In preparation the video advocates that a speaker should know their subject too well that they can even say it backwards. It advocates for the presentation of the main points in a logical manner, giving enough evidence to support the points and finishing with a memorable conclusion. The recommended posture is natural because it helps a speaker to breath. Pandering with the audience helps improve self-confidence because a speaker makes the audience laugh and be comfortable, allowing them to follow the speech. Pandering communicates to the audience that you are in control hence improving self-confidence.

In my speech performance, I will incorporate pandering because I feel like my audience is never listening. I want them to be interested in what I have to say. In pandering, I will use a few jokes or a little mental exercise if they look tired and bored. I will also stand how I like to be able to breathe properly and project confidence and not anxiety. I also plan to be the best prepared person in the room. Before getting up on stage I will have practised all my content, knowing how best to support it with enough evidence. My points will flow in order of importance and relevance so that the audience can follow my line of argument. I will ensure that no member of the audience is left in doubt of my major points as I will have enough confidence to convince them.

My conclusions from now on will not only be a summary of my main points. I plan to incorporate fun facts or interesting facts that will leave the audience remembering my presentation longer.

To another public speaking student, I would emphasize that they avoid standing stiff on stage. I would also advise them to avoid dairy products just before a presentation for clarity of voice. To improve speech delivery, I would also encourage them to carry a bottle of water especially if the speech is very long. I would also encourage them to be more interactive with the audience to prevent boredom. Finally, I would tell them to revise their main points, ensure that they make sense, have enough evidence to support the claim and can be followed through for better understanding. I would advise them to know the content off head and avoid reading from the script as this out rightly loses the concentration of the audience. I would also offer conclusion examples.Confidence during a Public Speech