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Computational Biology

Computational science is the blend of computer science and biology and is also known as Bioinformatics. Computational Biology combines math, statistics and computer science to solve problems in Biology.

Computer science aids biological studies in a variety of ways. First, Biology is burdened with a lot of data from various fields. This data requires developing, analysis and modeling which is only possible through the guidance of computer science and its systems (Computersciencedegreehub). The collected data once fed into computer systems can be analyzed to make new scientific discoveries.Computational Biology

Biologists encounter a variety of problem while trying to find solutions to biological conditions. Computer science helps them to make sense of collected data to find cures for complicated conditions like cancer and other genetics problems. Computer science is particularly advantageous in prediction. Biologists benefit from knowing beforehand expected results so that they can make plans and counter problems before they happen.

Computer science systems also help in the analysis of DNA and protein sequences. Genes are complex and work involving their movement, transcription, trafficking, and transport, catalytic reactions with enzymes, structural support and signals (Troyanskaya) are all complex processes to follow. Mapping genetic data on computer systems however makes it an easier process as computer science separates the functions and breaks them down for easy identification and translation. This is helpful especially because currently there are 900 known genomes, which is too many to follow up by simple procedures. It also helps in the analysis of function, control and structure of biological parts and understanding the function of cells.

In conclusion, it is easy to note the advantages computer science brings into the biology field. The finding of cures to incurable illnesses might be the biggest problem computer science is yet to resolve in Biology but there is hope.Computational Biology


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