Competitive Analysis for Dior Diorama

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the 2 competitiors i choose for Dior Diorama is CHANEL Leboy and Louis Vuitton Petite Malle, so basically what u need to do is to write a copetitive analysis for the competitive brand and their products i choose. 2 page double space




One of the most dynamic markets in the world currently is the accessories market. This is so because of the constant shifts in tastes and preferences by the consumers and, consequently, massive competition that prompts designers to keep moving up the ranks by coming up with more trendy products. The Dior Diorama bag is no exception as it has faced massive competition in the accessories market for ladies’ handbags from the likes of Chanel Boy and Louis Vuitton Petite Malle bags. This essay provides a competitive analysis of these three brands explaining how the products fare on in the accessories market relative to each other.

Dior Diorama is a renowned fashion house and a major player in the accessories industry. The Dior Diorama Bag is one of the brands that have sought to leapfrog household names like Chanel Boy by trying to make classic bags. The Diorama bags have clean architectural edges and exhibit fashion-forward designs that are meant to give them the edge over its competing products. The bags are versatile and look to fill the gap for flexible bags that could be used both during the day and still work well at night. The Dior Diorama bag is a certain classic bag with a special design that would thrill women who love quality products that last for a long time. The prices for the bags range between $3,000 for the plain calfskin small version to $34,000 for the medium bags in shiny crocodile (Mull, 2015).

The Chanel Boy brand is one of the brands that has taken the market by storm and has been lauded especially for the creativity involved in crafting the bags. In a US Vogue interview, Chanel Boy collections were described as an ‘epitome of individuality’. The Chanel Boy brand, unlike the Dior Diorama brand, has only been in the market for just four years, but because of the quality and wearability of the products, has become very popular in the world. Chanel is a favorite brand for many people who love class and originality and its pricing leaves the feel of value for money to its customers. The popularity of the French brand in markets like China, Vietnam, Russia and the U.S has prompted the company to work on a pricing strategy that would see the brand cost a bit lesser so that it becomes a global brand affordable to many more people. The Chanel Boy brad is essentially a brand that most women would love to own and one that is not short of good repute. The fact that other brands like the Dior Diorama bags seem to borrow a leaf from the design of Chanel simply assert the dominance of the latter in the accessories market (Dusil, 2015).