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The paper talks about the comparison between road and rail transport in turkey.



1. Introduction
The republic of Turkey has come up with a strategic sustainable development plan to develop and improve her transport sector. The Ministry of Transport of Turkey seeks to enhance Turkey’s infrastructure with the hope of reducing poverty. It is expected that once completed, the new transport system will open op Turkey’s remote areas to development and thus enhance government’s efforts to reduce poverty and create jobs. This report aims at comparing the two already identified transport methods: a number of double-decker roads in various cities so as to reduce traffic and a network of high speed rail………………….

. Background
Currently, Turkey has a poor network of roads and rail. Roads in urban areas are characterized by traffic jams that last for hours or even the whole day especially during the rainy season. This makes transportation difficult. Farmers and industries end up incurring huge losses. On the other hand, though railway transport is not affected by traffic jam, it is poorly distributed in the country. As a result, not many farmers and industries can use this mode of transport. To make matter worst, the speed of transport by rail is very slow. This discourages many individuals from using it.
There has been a tremendous increase in the number of passenger cars from a mere 4.5 million in the year 2000 to 9.5 million in 2013……………………..

3. Options
3.1. Double-Decker Roads
The first option identified is construction of a number of double-decker roads. The roads will airports in various cities to major highways. Additionally, industrial areas will be served by these roads enabling goods to be ferried easily……………………

High Speed Rail
The second option involves construction of high speed railway connecting the capital city Istanbul to neighboring countries. The second phase of the project will involve linking major ports such as Mersin, Haydarpasa, Iskenderuna and Samsun to various industrial areas using high speed rail…………………..