Buy Existing Paper - Compare and contrast john Calvin’s government and Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan

Compare and contrast john Calvin’s government and Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan



Compare and contrast john Calvin’s government and Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan.

Main concept John Calvin Thomas Hobbes
Purpose of the state  to make sure that God is worshipped by the people since, after the Fall of Man, mankind became tainted maintain order and security even through oppression and depriving people of their personal freedom
Quote to support answer “This is not its [civil government] only object, but it is, that no idolatry, no blasphemy against the name of God, no calumnies against his truth, nor other offenses to religion break out and be disseminated among the people.” “The purpose of this contract [through which sovereignty is granted to a person or group] is for people to live amongst each other and be safe from harm.”‌
Responsibilities of citizens to the state Obey the government even when the government was unjust and submission i.e. submit to the laws of the government, pay taxes and perform required civic duties. Absolute obedience as the citizens chose the government.
Quote to support answer “I am not discussing the men themselves … but I say that the order itself is worthy of such honor and reverence and that those who are rulers are esteemed among us, and receive reverence out of respect for their lordship.” “he that complaineth of injury from his sovereign complaineth that whereof he himself is the author, and therefore ought not to accuse any man but himself, no nor himself of injury because to do injury to one’s self is impossible”


Worst type of government monarchy democracy
Quote to support answer “For it is not of us, but of the Living God and His Christ” who will “rule from sea to sea and from the river even to the ends of the earth.” “in a democracy and aristocracy the citizens are a crowd but the council is the people”
Ideal type of government Aristocracy or a blend of aristocracy and democracy Monarchy-a government should have absolute control
Quote to support answer “This has …already been confirmed also by the Lord himself when he established an aristocracy… among the Israelites….” “the subjects are a crowd, and(paradoxically) the king is the people”