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coming of age story-this novel is a coming of age story as it follows the short story of a young protagonist Holden Caulfield. The sixteen-year-old boy appears twice in the novel. The first Holden is the narrator, who tells the story. The second one is the one the story is told about. The author of the novel J.D. Salinger gives bits of maturity changes in the life of the main character in perspectives of spiritual, psychological and socially. All the way through the novel he changes and develops into a more mature man and independent.

To begin with Holden, I really believe tha he is having rough time as he wants to start acting and doing grown up thing and interact with matured people when we all know that he is totally not an adult. This actually proves that he want to make a step into maturity At one point, he feels embarrassed about still being a virgin because he hasn’t engaged in sexual activities while a number of his fellow teens in his school have already had sex. He ends up calling a prostitute at his hotel room but when the prostitute arrives, he ends up feeling sorry for her instead of having sex.coming of age story

Holden also tries to have a relationship with sally that he appears to like but not as much he does with Jane. All the same, Holden open his heart to Sally that he is unhappy with school and he wants to run together with her in a place in New England. I have a view that this is totally a bildungsroman as he feels that school is a place for those in childhood stage. Sally turns him as she feels that Holden is still immature to keep up her in a relationship.

coming of age story

We see Holden Caulfield growing with a mind that all things and every people are not real and that they are deceptive. He perceives the world as place that is full of phonies and for

that he cannot acquire happiness. He then gets isolated and the isolation makes him feel unhappy, which leads to his maturity to get suppressed. He wants to remain young because I think that he believes that being old will lead him to cruel world of phonies. Holden distances himself from the rest since they are growing into adults. He is a person who fears complexity and instead prefers simple and unchanging thing. He doesn’t know now he can conciliate with complicated people as he remembered when he went on a date with Sally, he insulted her because she never gave in his idea of escaping.coming of age story

I try to look at the Holden telling the story and the one who is in the story and notice a significant of differences between the two. Holden who is telling the story appears to be arrogant and many close to him are totally being feed up with his behavior and none of them is willing to get longer with him. Where going through some instances in the book I see him experiencing emotional feeling of loneliness. He tries reaching people and end up having a conversation with strangers. “The first thing I did when I got off at Penn station, I went into this phone booth. I felt like giving someone a buzz.” (Salinger 1945-46 pg.53). Although he is indeed lonely he ends up calling no one. “So I ended up calling no one.”(Salinger 1945-46 Pg.53).

When looking at Holden Caulfield I get a feeling that he is much mature and his self-narration of his life is what gives me the insight of how I feel. I am able to empathize and like him without getting any explanation but by looking at the stories he gives such as the story of Allies baseball mint. “… Alli had this left-handed fielders mint…he had poems written all over the fingers and the pocket everywhere. In green ink.”(Salinger, 1945-6, pg.33). Another story tells how Holden knows Jane, you were never even worried, with Jane, whether your hand was sweaty or not. All you knew you was, you were happy. You really were.” (Salinger, 1945-6 pg.72).

Despite having these two Holdens, there are some behaviors which remain to be the same. He feels that there is a need to justify himself. He narrated a story of his childhood when he met Jane and how happy he was with her. “All you knew was, you were happy.” (Slinger 1945-6 pg. 72). His trait of repeating himself for emphasis is because he has a belief that people can’t trust himself he doesn’t repeat.coming of age story

In his stage of maturation Holden goes commits sin. This is mainly seen when Holden abuses the Bible verbally the Bible. He is kind of theist and he doesn’t pray even after feeling like praying when he went to bed (Salinger 99). He also admires and loves Jesus because of the leadership he portrayed and he totally hates the disciple since they annoy him and that they were followers (Salinger 99).I am having a vie on him as a person who lacked a belief system the time he was still young and that what makes him pessimistic when giving sight to religion.

At the end of the tale, Holden is really unhappy and he watches Phoebe take a blissful ride on the merry-go-round at the park. This merry-go-round plays a significant role as it is the point where Holden is seen to let his childhood go and still appreciating its worthiness. After this, Holden tries to apply himself in current time and he is trying to seek out for some aid from his adult.

coming of age story

Coming of age as in Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbeys a novel that many see as a coming of age story or a Bildungsroman. The novel is all about the journey taken by the protagonist (Catherine Morland) from being a child to being a grown-up. She also takes a journey from being immature into maturity, from her naivety to being wise, and also from idealistic into reality. When looking at the novel we are able to pin point a number of incident where Bildungsroman has been seen.

When I try to view the age of the protagonist, am able to infer that Catherine is trying to go into a society and grow up as she is attempting to set out on the world at that tender age of seventeen. Catherine is having a passage from immaturity to maturity and I am able to see this as I compare the immaturity she demonstrates in Chapter 11 on the topic of breaking an appointment to the added maturity viewed in Chapter 13. Catherine does not instantaneously “grow up”, but she gets to maturity through having the experience of interaction with her basic virtue. The interaction results into defining moments. For Catherine the need for growth is to some extent unusual since it consist of both a need to get knowledge and also the need to unlearn the untruthful ideas she has developed from reading Gothic narratives. To add on, Catherine also needs to reign in the supremacy of her mind’s eye and put to rights with reality and possibility.

Through having a series of events I believe that Catherine is an heiress and afterward a man named General Tilney who is wealthy sends her an invitation to live at Northanger Abbey. This is appearing to be part of Tilney’s plan for Catherine to see his son Henry, whom Catherine has made friendship with and subsequently developed an attraction to, get married to someone wealthy. This is seen as a coming of age since Catherine wants to develop from that stage of

being a child who is taken care of to a matured married person who can take care of herself. In the course of her stay at Northanger Abbey, her brilliant imagination gets the better of her and the General force her out. She doesn’t think whether there will be maturity change in her life as she goes back the boring life at her family’s home.

Northanger Abbey is indeed a coming-of-age story since the protagonist heroine parts ways with her naiveté and grows into a wise person .When looking I take a look at the beginning of the story, Catherine is not able to see the noticeable intimacy that exist between her brother James and her friend Isabella. She fails to understand what is being done by Isabella flirting with Frederick Tilney. As Henry points out, it is true that Catherine finds it difficult in recognizing people’s motivations. This makes her to assume people do things for blameless reasons she would do. Consequently, Catherine has a positive reasoning for almost everyone, and is regularly too generous to those people with the likes of Isabella and John Thorpe. As the novel she is against general Tilney’s odd behavior over murdering his own wife. This changes her naivetés experienced earlier as she gets to a new understanding about the true nature of people. She now knows that people can either be good or bad.coming of age story

When looking at the second half of the novel we see Henry arriving to accompany Catherine on a visit to his home, Northanger Abbey and on their way home Henry gives her a short account of a fictional gothic on how her life at Abbey will be. She then shows her interest and she continually asks Henry to carry on with the story: “Oh! Mr. Tilney, how frightful!–This is just like a book! But it cannot really happen to me. I am sure your Housekeeper is not really Dorothy.–Well, What then?” (140). Henry stops his story as he finds that Catherine has a humorous interest. She gets obsessed and fails to understand that life is just as little as a gothic.

After the amusement from Henry I think that Catherine starts learning that she has been punished by Henry for allowing herself to fall for the entertainment which is kind of such illegitimate theories, she now starts understanding what she has done and takes vows under no circumstances to let her imagination run away with her again. She now is getting the enough responsibility to realize that she committed a fault and she does not have to put blame on reading habit or even the novels for her character. Catherine has been through a learning process and has now gotten the knowledge that the horrible things that she have been trying to make-believe in are nowhere and reality has it that the people who are around her do not count and that they are nothing just like those characters she was reading of in a fictional novel. For that reason, I can say that her coming of age is also depicted as it is in a straight line to the ability she has in distinguishing between reality and that which is fantasy.

Catherine’s experiences in Bath, provides me with another prove that she indeed transformed from being naïve to a wise person. She has learnt how people can be manipulators of each other. She takes a look at Elizabeth who is in pride and with opinions which lacks the knowledge of facts. She comes to understand her own thoughts and traits more clearly and precisely which makes her to be able to make differentiate between fictional things and actuality.

coming of age story


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Coming of age as in American Rust

This novel is in true a coming of age story as the protagonist’s journey is seen developing in spiritual, social, psychological and moral. The two main characters Isaac England and Billy Poe are having changes in their morals and their naïve character is also having a change. There are a number of incident that are expressed by the writer Philipp Meyer which clearly support the statement.

The protagonist Isaac England had a vision to change his life together with his close friend Billy Poe but, all end up in vain Isaac ended up a guilty and a wandering man. The loss in dignity, confidence and acceptance therefore is a show that there was a coming of age whereas years went by the protagonist lacked peace with himself and he caused the same to his friend Billy Poe. These came unexpectedly since, as his plans were to move out of the unfortunate land of Pennsylvania to where he could bring change in his life. The unexpected change in his behavior to abandon his family and never to come back did not bare any positive fruit but instead he came back a more confused and despaired than before.

There is another incident in the book which provides support to why the novel is regarded as a coming of age. Isaac England faces a lot of distraction in his life. He is having a dream of becoming an astrophysicist but the dream looks as unrealistic as the situation at his home forces him to sacrifice his education to take care of his unreal father who got injured many years ago in an industrial accident. He then decide to steal $4,000 that had been hidden of which belonged to his father in order for him to escape to California to get a college that will be able to absorb him. He is indeed having unrealistic and ill-defined plans. His morals have really taken a negative transformation and this is what gives us the coming of age. His morals were good when he was

taking and caring of his father but gradually has changed and has become more immoral as he is seen stealing the money his father had stashed for his own goodness.coming of age story

Isaac England is a protagonist who is acting as a sacrificial lamb. After Poe has been arrested for murder he is later jailed and this makes Isaac to return to his home in order to save his longtime friend. He says that he had showed him math when he was in high school and before he left the town he goes on to give another reason to why he wanted to go home and save him, “It was relief to see Poe, a distraction from the stolen money in his pocket.” He sacrificed the life that he had been longing to have in his entire living and this was by doing away with his college life. Coming of age is observable in his action as he is changing from his academic ambitions to grow as a literate and sophisticated man into a person who will not be able to have knowledge in astrophysics.

The novel also has Poe as a real protagonist hero who carried it. He is a character of traits that I wish to invest my heart to and one kind of a person who is at liberty with snobbery and knowledgeable prejudice. Contrary to what is positive of him, he ends up developing immoral distinctive traits. He ends up being aligned in court and is jailed being faced with a new successions of moral dilemmas upon which his life be influenced by. His mind changed to being an ill person who tends to be in proximity with violence. “He lay still for a while and he was shaking, fear or anger he didn’t know. He thought if I don’t beat that guard I got all of them after me, the whites and the blacks both, and the guards won’t care. If I do hit the guard I got the guards and the blacks after me. Except certain guards had side deals”. His moral alteration is a distinguishing and noticeable change that proves the coming of age in the novel.

American Rust with no doubt is a coming to age story as there are repercussions the crashes of the possibility of youth with the complication of the reality coming from adulthood. The tie which exists between family and friends chuckles and at the same time plays a supportive role to the life of Isaac. He is in that wrestling process for his dreams to be in advancement level. He is also having a weakened decaying into somewhat is to be total bitterness and he finds himself escaping and getting into self-destruction.coming of age story

As I conclude I get to look at the setting of the town of Buell Pennsylvania is seen to be fictional. The protagonist character in the novel brings the coming of age theme by deciding to move from this fictional town to another town of California. He is accompanied by his friend Poe. He moves from his home in quest of securing a new town that which is realistic town as opposed to his fictional one.



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Most of us will have an argument that Holden’s lies are bad and that he is lying to glorify himself but to me I think that he is forced into that as he is really troubled. He is guided by empathy for Mrs. Marrow as a mother who raised a bad kid and his lie reliefs her to feel slightly better concerning her son. All his lies tells how immature he is and how he is having imbalanced mindset. He is a person who is trying to avoid all the attention which aims at his behavior and actions.


Holden is lying to conceal how he truly feels. He doesn’t need individuals to see his actual feelings. Holden is discouraged and angry with society, and some portion of this is on the grounds that he hasn’t let himself to be in terms with his sibling’s death. This scenes tells us that Holden is having a mental disorder and the stress that he has accumulated caused him to play a lying role so that he can relieve the pressure he is having.

coming of age story

Holden was just desperate to meet Sunny but he does not do anything with her because she is just a kid to him. She has all these little anxious habit and they constrain Holden to consider her to be an individual instead of a whore. The scene tells us that Holden is a desperate person who gets to the extent of talking to a prostitute.


I think it is out of kindness for Holden to tell Mrs. Marrow about her son. He is having a feeling of empathy for her as a mother who is raising a bad kid, and the lie comforts her just a little better on the view of her son. Holden loves his brother and after his death, part of him got lost making his life to completely change. Through pretending to be ill Holden want to understand the mental distress that his brother experienced while fighting with his disease.


In spite of the fact that Holden is always bringing up the phoniness in others, he is regularly phony. He tells pointless lies at different circumstances in the novel and to him the meaning of phoniness depends on self-deception. In addition lying to others is a sort of phoniness, a kind of untruth that demonstrates callousness, thoughtlessness, and cruelty. Obviously, Holden himself is guilty of both these violations. He is indeed manipulating the members of society through various dishonesties and deceitful actions. This manipulation brings forward thoughts relating to the least effort necessary to influence the society.


Holden’s date with Sally Hayes is the most enjoyable part of the book, and this scene is revealing how Holden’s mind is under darkness. In this scene Holden requests Sally to run away with him and get married. It is interesting at this point that Holden is desperately in love which contrasts with his inability to deal with how the real world is full of complexities. Holden in deed needs someone for companionship as he is fighting with loneliness. This scene reveals that Holden is attempting to get to someone but later the desperation leads him to being unrealistic and arrogant. The act is also a revelation to us that Sally is appearing to moderately firm, and for that she doesn’t need unconditional companionship that Holden is seen putting forward.

In chapter 22 Holden goes back to Phoebe’s room and upon meeting her, he start telling her all the things that are making him hate schooling. Holden then tells her that he would love to be catcher in rye and save young children from getting off the cliff. Catcher in the rye is a title with a metaphoric meaning. The rye field is symbolizing childhood and that the rye is too far for children to reach. This means that children are finding it difficult to see beyond their borders of childhood. In this case Holden is portraying his protective character as he wants to guard childhood innocence from falling into lack of expectation that always go together with adulthood. Innocence is missing from one place to another of the world he is living in. This world has allowed him alone to fall over the cliff and get into adulthood. Being catcher in the rye also signifies that Holden is a person who wants to show honesty as part of his personality .He wants to fight hard and save children from getting into corruption.

Holden want to save innocence but this innocence causes a breakdown in his life. Innocence goes in hard with unwillingness to accept reality. Holden does not bear to accept the death of his brother Allie and he does not bear to his innocence as innocence comes with its own harm; People are still disappointing him and he believe that the sense of maturity is less much

compared to what he expects; innocence has been problematic and to a certain extent it has caused pain. He wants children to grow into adulthood but himself who has grown into maturity has lost innocence and he perceives the reality of the world to be irrational.

Someone like Holden cannot be relied to bring peace in the world as he views the world to be a place with no peace and it is covered with evils of immorality and it is a place that appear unethical with full of corruption. He leads the readers into believing that the world is crazy. He despises everything and nothing that comes from him yields any occurrence of peace or even charity.

coming of age story

Holden is robbed by Maurice and Sunny and after the incident he starts acting how he was shot in his stomach instead of being punched. This scene reveals to us that Holden is capable of violence and furthermore he is foreseeing murdering someone. Holden discusses with Phoebe about being a catcher in the rye in order for him to save others. He does not bring peace to the world despite being intelligent. He lacks ambition but if he could find something to believe in then he can probably bring peace to the world.


In chapter 22 Phoebe inquirers to know the plans Holden is having. He imagines that children are innocent and the adults are not. Holden’s plan is to believe in reality and this tell us that we will all have the same mentality he is having if we have the chance to alter with the world. The fact that Holden want to be catcher in the rye reveals how naïve he is and’ he doesn’t think on reality. He does fit to bring peace if only he decides to be open-minded.


In the novel one character that distinguishes Holden is that he is a lone wolf. I think the statement on page118, “It didn’t seem at all like Christmas was coming soon. It didn’t seem like anything was coming” conveys the magnitude of Holden’s depression. The loneliness and confusion that he finds himself in, positions him in a deep depression that he finds it hard to elude from.


Thanks professor. Yes Holden is a lone wolf as he is living through an intense sense of emptiness and seclusion. Holden alienates himself from others and the isolation makes him to feel confused, depressed and he gets intensely lonely. Also, the statement on Christmas is pointing out the extent of his depression which is not easily controlled.

coming of age story

Holden is fighting to protect the innocence of his youthful stage and he does not want to grow into adulthood. However, he needs to have a positive view about the world and to grow into maturity. He believes that adults are surrounded by phoniness and with that view he cannot trust anything good of the world. He is clinically depressed and he is attended by a psychoanalyst for a minimum of two weeks. There is no much progress because he doesn’t change his lifestyle. He has the fear for change.


The scene that I found most interesting for me is the scenario where Grace passes past a huge black bear. It was standing on the ridge and overlooking the road. From the description given by the author the bear appears to be in great health. This is a direct contrast to what is happening to the town. The author also mentions that it was not only the bears that were coming back but also the deer and coyotes. This is an indication that the once expanding city with biddings was now starting to become a forest a good habitat for these animals, which like trees and good covering of vegetation. This part shows the reader that the old town is almost on its knees and it might beyond redemption if animals are now roaming freely. From this scene, I learn that the town is slowly being abandoned by the people and now animals have no fear to come and roam freely. I believe Meyer is able to vividly capture the setting in the Monongahela Valley. This is because he gives explanations of how things are by using characters to describe the way life is and the way it was in the past. For instance, he uses Grace to describe a building that she was raised in which now is almost collapsing. Through such descriptions, he is able to show that the economy of Monongahela Valley is not doing well and is well past its boom. I think he chose to set his story in this dying former steel town in order to create awareness that there are some people who are not doing well because they lack jobs. Moreover, using this town is important in reminding Americans about this forgotten town, which played an important role in making America grow. Therefore, he uses this opportunity to remind the readers that they should not run away from their cities but they should work hard to ensure that they remain productive with or without natural resources like steel. I believe the story would not be the same if it was set somewhere else since the old steel town is able to bring out the message advanced by the author. If it was set in a town like New York, it will not be the same message of people suffering after collapse of certain industries.


Reply to Professor

I believe both Poe and Chief Harris seem to enjoy the aesthetic part of the city. They tend to enjoy seeing the comeback of animals like bears and coyotes which had disappeared from the city during its economic boom. Moreover, they take walks through the trees an indication that they love the way nature is recapturing the old steel tow. These two characters in the book appreciate nature more than any other person and I believe the author had to use them in order to bring a positive aspect to the town and the book.

Reply to Studentcoming of age story

First of all, thank you for your reply. Secondly,I think this is true even today. Many young people still leave their rural homes and move to cities as they look for jobs. The urban population is far greater than the rural population this has been contributed by the movement of young people to cities. I also agree with your point that despite the prolonged hunting for deer they keep on increasing in number. This is an indication that the animals are multiplying faster than they are hunted and poached meaning that nature is recapturing the old steel city.

coming of age story

The most interesting part that I read in the last part of the book is the section where Grace is thinking about life and education. She is deeply thinking about how her journey in education has been. One is meant to believe that she seems stressed a reason why she is taking Vodka as she watches the night approach. She remembers vividly her conversation with Harriet, the director of shelter. They both came into one conclusion that for one to get a job they had to be educated. Jobs that could be offered were those of people with some education. This is exactly what is happening in our society. The thoughts of Grace are what is happening now across the world. Nowadays, people have to have gained a degree in order to be considered for employment. Just like what Harriet had told Grace, a bachelor’s degree is nowadays not guarantee for a good job. Like Harriet said, one has to have a master’s degree in order to get a respectable job. Therefore, this section is a reflection of the real world.

In the novel, Meyer did a great job in showing the cause and effect in life. She showed that choices have consequences and when one is making a decision, it is important to also consider the repercussions of such decisions. For instance, the decision by Isaac to murder a homeless person forces him to run away from home. His friend Poe ends up in jail. This is an illustration of cause and effect where one’s choices forces them to run away while their friend is taken to jail,


Thank you professor for your reply. I believe that if Grace decides to go to school part-time while working full-time she can manage to get herself a degree. However, this will take longer than if she had to fully concentrate on her education or if she worked part-time and went for classes for the rest of the day. Once she graduates, she will have to follow the trend. She has to move to big cities to look for a job. The current economic situation in her steel town is not favorable and going to a city like Philadelphia, she will massively improve her chances of landing a good job. This can be a solution to her misery even though such a move will demand a lot of time and commitment.

coming of age story

The race of Ralph as boss rather than Jack in chapter one is a stands as a striking scene. Jack shows clear need for the position, and he is not excited about losing to Ralph. “I ought to be chief,” said Jack with simple arrogance, “because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.” The reason the situation is a standout is that, it quickly sets Jack against Ralph. They may get along at initially, yet Jack is obviously awaiting his chance to seize control. I get to learn that, if Jack could have been voted the boss ideal from the beginning, then the group of boys won’t not have torn itself over which boy between the two is to be followed.

The Lord of Flies is a novel which refers to the head of a boar as an idol which Simon imagines. The author talks of how the sevil spoke to Simon and told him that human is surrounded by evil. He also shows how the boar’s head promises him fun. The fun is a predicament of Simon’s death which is revealed in the next chapter. William Golding uses this name in order to fit into the overall theme that the society and the innocence in it was rapidly consumed by chaos and evils after leaving the island. It also shows how breakdown of youths’ civilization has declined causing the society to rot and is decay.

coming of age story

Thanks professor.

It is indeed dump for Jack to think that he is fit to be a leader because he is able to sing C shape. The phrase in chapter 5 “Mankind’s essential illness” as exhibited by Golding, makes reference to man’s inherent wicked nature. This disease (man’s trend towards sinful) is characterized by the boys and it is the dark side of humanity which gets into brutality and corruption – in the long run the demise of Simon himself. Simon was the only one among the boys who saw this beginning to be a problem in the group. He simply was not ready to articulate and it was difficult for him to use words in order to explain to the group as what he was to say was risky and he did not want to be part of the problem. Regardless of the possibility that he could, in all likelihood the boys would not have comprehended or thought about what Simon was saying.

coming of age story

Jack says that he can sing C sharp because he wants to keep the group in order and become the leader. He thinks that he already had the power but he has nothing special other than being arrogant and he cannot become a leader. I think Jack could be a leader who could have lead the boys in hunting and get food faster but they would have ended up as savaging faster. The attitude that Jack and Ralph have towards each other doesn’t provide any help but instead brings problems. Jack stands as a representation of violence and evil. He plans to make rules which he will use to punish those who break them.


The scene is indeed interesting as these boys have lost their sense on understanding what it means to be civilized .when we look at Roger we realize that he has lost the society’s curbs that allows him to throw the stones. There are some forces that actually hinder Rogers from hitting him. It is shocking how the boys are being notorious and make trouble at such young age. Above all Rogers is conditioned and knows that there is punishment which comes as the consequence of his action.

I find it amusing that the boys crave to have some sort of resemblance to their old life by intending to have rules but they do not have any form of punishment and to anyone breaking the rules doesn’t get punished. The rules set are neglected and no one follows them.

These boys are filled with panic as they talk of unknown individual and they believe that the entity took one of them. They have tried doing things for them to be civilized but everything is falling apart including the society. It is ironical for the English boys to feel exited after killing a pig and brag about how they is decaying will circle and beat any animal when there society. All these defines the title of the novel


The concept regarding the conch shell found on the island served as a symbol of how the kids got raised and how they used it as an option of organizing power. Jack seems to distancing himself away from leadership as he prefer killing for food.

It is interesting how the boys are thinking to be the beast. I think this insinuates that the group is in threat of destructing themselves. Yes Piggy undergoes mental and physical toughness but he is a standout character who represents a rational world. Piggy provides feminine voice by alluding to his aunt frequently. I think that he cannot be a leader himself as he doesn’t have any leadership qualities and lacks rapport with other boys.


In chapter 8 there is a scene where Simon is defying the head of a pig and he goes ahead to label it as the Lord of the Flies. This scene stands out for me as the supreme striking scene of the novel. One has to notice that the scene is in resemblance to the narration of the New Testament where Jesus was confronted by Satan during his forty days of fasting in the desert. The scene stands out for me because Simon, who has virtues of being morally good and a caring character acts like Christ. Additionally, the knowledge he has on the true nature of the beast, reveals him as the one and only carrier of truth in this part of the novel. In this situation, the pig’s head represents evil and Simon is battling against his exact opposite .He gives up unexpectedly, which is a covert indication of Christ’s crucifixion. This crucifixion makes me learn that evil is going to triumph over good on the island.

The tittle “Strangers from within,” gives the impression of familiar written and pronounced language lacking the poetic form and this would have affected the readers’ attitude towards it. No one would have found any pleasure as it is dull, boring and unimaginative. The title could also have affected the readers, as it does not give the reader the curiosity and the interest. The second title “The Lord of the flies” unlike the first one has some suspense for the readers and this makes a reader to anticipate the occurrences of the lord of the flies.

The title Lord of the flies is a metaphoric one and refers to a Hebrew name Beelzebub which means Satan. William Golding uses it to signify that every human is represented with evil. If the author had used the first title, then the significance of the title could not have had any difference from the latter. “The Stranger that lies within” is a title which signifies that the beast is not an outward force but a primeval lying within us and it is all set to rise to the forefront when the right circumstances arises. Both titles mean that we don’t have to blame imagined devil, gods or beasts for the evil that we do but we are having the evil within ourselves.


It is indeed distressing how Simon converse with the pig’s head. Simon is an imaginer in this scene as he forms mental images of the pig’s head talking to him. He is also naïve as he terms the head as Lords of the flies but he fails to understand that the name refers to a devil’s name. The head proclaims to be the beast and his part is in Simon.

The title arouses the interest of the reader as it proves that a person can become a stranger to himself. However, the title demonstrates its attention deficit compared to the Lord of the flies. It has a direct meaning while the latter is frightening and eye-catching. The significant of the novel could be the same because the stranger lied within the children and this stranger was to be held accountable for the suicide committed by the children.


It is so fascinating how the boys get confused on the beach and Piggy is left puzzled when the boys claim that they have never seen a monster. Jacks claims how Ralph is a coward and he can’t become a leader. His personal interest to be a leader leads him to formally announce that he is the chief. In the same scene Simon wondering about the beauty of the nature, reveals his marveling character. Simon is frightened and faints after having talked to the pig’s head. The head had informed him that he will never escape from him. This encounter is exceptional to me.

The initial title of the book could have changed my reading. The word stranger on the title would have caught my attention because I would be keen to know who the stranger. At the end I won’t have a different take with the title “The Lord of the Flies” because the evil is in us and it is upon us to manage it.

coming of age story

Thank you professor, however the connection I made between Christ and Simon does not come out clear, I purposely intended to show how Simon giving up manifest the evil that is going to rule the island. It is true he is having a deep awareness of the boy’s sufferings and he wishes to relieve it. I come to an understanding that he perceives things that are not there which leads to his death.

The evil lies within ourselves and I can reach to an agreement that this evil is not beyond us. This evil from within is what made the children to get to the extents of committing murder.


The talk between Simon and the sow’s head is also intriguing and at the end Simon says that “Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill!” the quote comes when the boys were looking for an external beast. The pig’s head tells that the beast is lying within and it is part of human. I think the quote means that human beings over and over again try to get the external monsters and enemies to destroy them that they get afraid of instead of accepting our own individual faults, imperfections and the beast which is in us.


I agree with you that data mining tools and techniques are important for many organizations such as in predicting sales, profitability as well as in comparison of a company’s performance in different periods. Today many companies are using these tools and techniques in determining what and how much of their product to produce depending on what their customers’ needs. As you mentioned in your post online streaming service providers like Netflix use these tools to a great effect for example in deciding what shows to recommend to users. This is based on what their users have been viewing and therefore the providers will be able to recommend movies, which fall within the category of what their users like to view or watch

coming of age story


  1. Oridinall scale- likert variables Classic credit scoring. 3. logarithmic regression models 4. Sample. 5. credit card holder 6. Exceptional 7. AAA 8. Determining 9. CE 10. Credit card statistics 11. Lenders Rate Creditworthiness. 12. Raw credit data.


The equivalent annual worth over 15 years.


Redesign and initial production(table 5-2) total number of prototypes produced= 20 labor hours= 24+2(student contribution not taken into account)

labor cost per hour =$ 17.50

Total labor cost= 17.50*24+17.50*2*20= $770

total manufacturing costs=40*20= $800


40*320= $12800

40*470= $ 18800

40* 620=$ 24800


total=$293200*0.95= $278540+770


= $ 279310


  1. total amount gained = the start amount(1+r/n)^nt


amount at the end of the period= 800(1+20/100)^15




Neural Network advancement has tremendously taken steps in changing the modern day medicine. They have been used extensively in Cardiology to understand the heart and its failures. Application of Artificial Neural Network in pharmacy and medical data mining has gained milestones. They have been used in medical disciplines like diagnosis to prevent a misdiagnosis. Electronic signal analysis and medical image analysis like in tumor detection, classification of x-rays and Magnetic Resonance Images. The diagnosis and treatment of Cancer and diabetes have largely benefited from the Neural Networks especially through drug development and modeling biomolecules and the use of radiology. ANNs have also been used in the analysis of blood and urine samples, track glucose levels in diabetics, determine ion levels in body fluids, and detect conditions such as tuberculosis that are infectious and can affect a large population of people. AIDS has become a monster that is rearing its ugly head and years later, scientists are still struggling in developing its cure. However, a new hope in the strides of neural networks especially in the development of drugs to treat it is providing a future to look forward to. The Neural Network technology is the unsung hero in the world of medicine.


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Health and Safety Management-coming of age story


  1. Examine the facts behind the Casselton North Dakota train derailment in 2013; identify the main factors that cause the accident. What preventive measures should be taken to ensure that the accident would not happen again?

Casselton North Dakota train derailment in 2013.coming of age story

  • The spillage of nearly 500000 gallons of crude oil due to the collision of two BNSF trains in Dakota resulted from break down of the cars axle of one train because of manufacturing problem.
  • The crash caused damage of around $7.2 million, fortunately there was no death reported and about 1560 people were evacuated from the Casselton train crash.
  • Safety standards that are high must be ensured on tankers since freight trains link a number of cars carrying liquids that are flammable.
  • DTO-III track cars that has been in service as late as 1950’s, are punctured easily thus can cause spillage of fuel leading to explosion.
  • DOT-117 tank cars should be adopted by pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration since they have thicker shells and other safety features.
  • A broken axle from the train was found with manufacturing defects at the 2002 slot of production from standard steel which had two other failures.
  • A safety recommendation was issued by NTSB for railroads to test second hand axles for defects. Manufacturers should take strict measures for testing axle quality.
  1. Explain the hazard mechanisms that have led to the ban on the basements in service stations?
  • There is danger since the gasoline vapor density is superior to that of air. Gasoline vapor which is denser is likely to displace the air and gather in the crypts of the service station, creating hazardous concentrations.
  1. What is the difference between Class I liquids and flammable liquids?
  • There is no difference. Class I liquids is also called flammable liquids.
  1. A worker exposure to noise is given plant is measured, resulting in the following readings for various time periods during 8-hour shift?
  • PEL: Permissible Exposure limits,

Data given;-coming of age story

Timings Total Time worked Exposure permissible limits dosage

8am-9am 1 hour 86dBA 13.92 0.079

9am-11am 2 hours 84dBA 18.37 0.108

11am-12noon 1 hour 80dBA 27.85 0.035

12noon-1pm 1 hour 101dBA 1.74 0.574

1pm-4pm 3 hours 75dBA 1.64 0.095

Total Time = 8 hours

Value as follows;

% dosage undergone= (time worked ÷ permissible limit)*100

Where, permissible limit= 8 hours *2.

Therefore;- permissible limit in slot 8am-9am;-

=8*290-86/5, =8*24/5 =13.92 hours.

  1. a) Whether maximum PEL’s have been exceeded

Total dosage= sum dosage *100

= (0.071+0.108+0.035+0.574+0.095) = 0.837*100 =83.7dBa.

Occupation safety & health act states that permissible limit should be 90Dba in 8hour shift. Therefore PEL has not been exceeded since its 83.7dBA which is less than 90dBA.

  1. b) In slot 9am-11am the PEL is 108Dba it has been exceeded since it is greater than 90dBA.
  2. c) Yes, employers are supposed to provide hearing protections to the employees, according to OSHA regulation in case PEL is exceeded.
  3. d) Yes, employees should wear hearing protectors during 9am-11am
  4. e) In the morning, this is because in the morning times the PEL are exceeded therefore the engineering control should be advised to cut the noise in the morning.
  5. What does hierarchy of control mean? Define the following controls, and provide an example for each one. Please rank them from most effective to least effective.
  • Administrative control-coming of age story

Administrative control refers to the changes in work procedure such as written rules, policies, supervision, training and schedule with the aim of reducing the frequency, duration and severity of exposure to chemicals that are hazardous or rather direction, situation and exercise of authority over subordinate and other organizations in respect to administration and support which includes organization of service force, equipment’s and control of resources, unit logistics, personal management, individual and unit training, mobilization, demobilization, readiness, discipline, and some matters which are not included in other organizations.

  • Engineering control

It reduces exposure to chemical or physical hazards through the use of engineered machinery. In health and safety context it is referred to as physical modification to a process or installation of further equipment’s with the aim of releasing the contaminants into the work place. Evident from the definition above engineering control is wide in application. The selected control depends on the process type, nature of contaminant source and routs of exposure. In reality no single engineering control in isolation is successful; control is the combination of equipment’s and ways of working.

  • Personal protective equipment-coming of age story

It refers to the reduction of employee exposure to hazards when administrative control and engineering control are ineffective to reduce the risks to acceptable levels. PPE includes, protective clothes, gloves, helmets, goggles and any other equipment designed to protect the body from injuries or infections. The hazards may include heat, chemical, electrical, physical, biohazards, and airborne particle matter. They can be worn during sports, job related occupational health and safety, and other recreation activities. Protective clothing is applied in traditional clothing and protective gears are applied in to items such as shields, masks, guards etc.

  • Substitution-coming of age story

Hazard control hierarchy is a used system in industries to reduce or eliminate exposure to hazards. In hierarchy the hazard control is in decreasing effectiveness.

  • Elimination-coming of age story

System used in industries to minimize or eliminate exposure to hazards is referred to as hierarchy of hazard is a system that is accepted widely and promoted by numerous safety organizations. The concept is taught to managers in industry.

  1. What are the ostensible and ulterior purposes of the workers’ compensation system? Why the experts liken cost of accidents to an iceberg? Please explain.
  • Ostensible determination of worker compensation is to guard the worker by providing statutory compensation level to be paid by the employer for injuries or accidents acquired by the worker. While ulterior purpose refers to the resistance from other liability of the employer, except where carelessness is verified.