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  1. At the beginning of the year 2014, collate was rebranded by having its name being changed  from Collette Vacations to just Collette. It has also changed its logo.
  2. Collette had its website changed with an aim of reinforcing the old Collette vacations and is not necessary different but this is an indication of its growth, improvement and advancement.
  3. Collette reported a growth 36% to 37% in escorted tours, recording an increase in bookings in the year 2014 compared to the previous year.
  4. It has an explorations brand that has the mandate to limit the group sizes to not more than 28 people per given group.
  5. The cost of most tours has its price ranges being at least 1500 US Dollars per person.
  6. The travel destinations to the African continent are only five, namely; Kenya, Tanzania, Morrocco, South Africa and Egypt.
  7. Its face book has the highest number of likes, up to 42,079 likes as compared to the other social networks.
  8. Visitors get to go to historical sites especially those that have links to their religious back ground, for instance you will find more Christians taking tours to the Holy land Israel as an opportunity to get to understand their religion better.
  9. Most tourists/ travellers get excited to have a taste of different indigenous foods in the different countries they visit around the world.
  10. With the social media in place, more people get to know other people’s opinion over travel destinations, this gives them the confident and urges to visit these travel destinations. With the social media active, there are high possibilities of the company’s growth.
  11. From the reviews in the social media they are few travellers of African origin, most of them are from the other continents.
  12. Considering the financial demand to secure a trip, very few people from developing countries would afford to secure a trip. They may be interested but basing on their financial status they may not be able to do it.
  13. From the social media, most people would want to travel with Collette but they are limited as they are not informed.
  14. Christmas season has a huge number of people going on vacation especially in Germany.
  15. There is a high possibility that most people who engage Collette to get to various travel destinations have a liking to watching documentaries that show case natural sceneries around the world.