Christian marriage

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                 Christian marriage

  1. Ethical principle in relation to marriage

The principle of respect for autonomy; this principle require of us to respect others decision they make of their life. In marriage for example, spouses have to encourage and support their partners whenever they make decision, like business or carrier. Principle of beneficence; which suggests that we should strive to be good to others and to ourselves. In marriage, this can be manifested where a spouse may decide to take care of their significant other in their difficult condition at the cost of their pleasure. Principle of no maleficence; spells out the fact that we should always avoid, prevent or reduce harm on others. This can be applied well in marital union, where the spouses can try as much as possible not to harm their loved one, either due to anger or any other reason. Principle of justice; which obligates to ensure everyone is treated fairly, impartially and equally. For example in marriage life, a husband is not supposed to use his masculinity or financial power to dictate over her wife.                               2. Distinguishing different types of love- Christian marriage

Agapeo; this is love of God to man or man to God. If the spouses appreciate the love of God in their marriage, the will be able to extent their love and adoration to their creator and as the bible says, the fear of is the beginning of wisdom, hence they will live a better marriage life. Love of friendship (philia); this denotes a close friendship and attraction to someone. Its opposite is phobia. This will enable the couple to readily understand, support and care for each other no matter the situation. Eros;

This is feeling of strong sexual attraction towards someone of opposite sex. This will enable the couple to build a strong and unique bond and also will make them to be easily receptive to each other and procreate to expand their family.

  1. The origin of sin in Christian marriage

The story of Genesis 3 shows that the origin of sin was due to Eve deciding to listen to Satan. Adam also falls into the trap and listens to Eve and they all ate the forbidden fruit. But Satan managed to convince Eve, telling her that the only reason was that God didn’t want them to be like him. Hence all women punished to be under men and pain during delivery, men were punished to toil and feel pain so as to get food from earth. This also suggests that, adultery has worse consequences in marriage. When one of couple allow to be cheated from outside world, it allows serious outcome which end up affecting the marriage and bringing more pain than the initial pleasure in adultery.

  1. Teaching of Jesus on divorce and marriage and exception

In the book of Mathew 19, Jesus was approached by Pharisees. Jesus told them that, that man shall leave his father and mother and live with his wife, and the two shall be joined and become one and God has put together no man should separate. He also stated that not all men can marry and bear children, since they some men who were born that way, some were made this way by other men and some men are this way for the sake of kingdom of God. On divorce, Jesus told them, laws of Moses allowed them to divorce because they were hard in their hearts, since from the beginning, it has not been this way. The exception he gave was that a man can only divorce his wife only when the wife commits a sexual sin. And whoever divorces her wife or husband and marry another person has committed adultery

  1. Paul’s teachings on celibacy- Christian marriage

In the book of 1 Corinthians: 7, Paul tells Christian is good for a man to have sex with a woman, and they should satisfy each other needs. The wife has no authority over her body but husband does, unless they are in prayers. Paul also expressed his wishes, he wished all people were like him. But reasoned out that each person has different gifts. He encourages the singles and the widows to remain that way so they can serve the lord better without any divided attention. But, the should marry if they cannot contain the passion. He also discourages divorces.

  1. Meaning of marriage according to the book of Ephesians.

           According to the book of Ephesians 5: 21, this book tells us that spouses should be subjected to one another. The wife should subject to his husband and Christ, so as to the husband. That a man should love his wife. The mystery here unfold when the bible says that the two shall become one flesh yet it also states the man is the head of his wife.

  1. Implication of prophet Hosea enacted, in the development of marriage philosophy.

Prophet Hosea was commanded to marry a promiscuous wife. This implied that either the wife was not immoral before married to the prophet, which signals that the Israelite had changed their ways and become evil. It may also be that, the prophet married an already immoral wife. This shows that the relationship of Israelites with God was not good. His wife indulged herself in the immoral act, and later on went back to prophet and repent. The prophet accepted her back but she had to suffer the consequence of her actions. This also implied that the Israelites had to repent. God was ready to accept them back but they should also suffer the consequence of their actions.