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Chipolatas Restaurant

144 Tat Road,



11th August 2018.

To the Press,

Recently Chipolatas Restaurant received complaints of food poisoning from several customers. The event is unfortunate as we are a company that prides itself in putting the health of a customer first. On receiving the complaint, our management team swung into action to determine the cause of the problem.

We inspected our kitchen, double checked the dates on our food items and looked into the employee sick list. We had experts check our cold storage facilities as well as the other storage areas. As an extra measure, we also subjected all our employees to a health test they had carried out earlier. All our investigations came back clean. We then decided to speak to the ill customers and it was revealed that they all had eaten food items containing fish. We receive fish products from a supplier daily so the team decided to lab test the fish remaining from that days’ supply. It is unfortunate that the supplier mishandled the fish and delivered salmonella containing products.

Our restaurant handles all fresh produce well in the cold room. Having received already contaminated fish, our cold room did not help matters. Our restaurant is therefore not to blame for the food poisoning that occurred recently. However, we have dealt with the issue at hand and we are open for business.

We have taken the drastic measure to change our fish supplier. Our customers are now welcome to have meals in confidence. Our restaurant has always had a clean record in matters hygiene and this one incident does not define us. Our fast response to the complaints and swift action to investigate them should speak volumes about our customer care. We are committed to excellence.Chipolatas Restaurant


Customer Care Manager,

Chipolatas Restaurant