Childhood, Present and Future Play

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Create a vision board that tells the story of your play history. You may use any of the following approved formats: Pinterest, Popplet, Piktochart, or Prezi.

Your vision board must include:

‣ 3 images representing your past play
‣ 3 images representing your present play
‣ 3 images representing your future play
Provide the following information:

‣ Describe the play personality depicted in each image.
‣ Discuss the qualities of play represented in each image



The first image is a depiction of joker play personality. Just like is typical of a joking situation, the image depicts an individual telling funny jokes that make the others laugh heartily. In this situation, the joker is able to mimic the real situation in the formation of his jokes, thus causing others to laugh. In the second image, the play personality shown is kinesthete. The image illustrates playing through movement, is depicted by the game of basketball. While the players may be in some form of competition, the overall goal is to engage in the game – that involves movement – as is inherent quality (Ammerman, 2005). Winning is therefore not the objective, feeling the thrill and the physical nature of the game is. In the third image, the play personality shown is the director. The image depicts an individual keenly interested in explaining a point regarding what is happening on the computer screen, which is the common satisfaction derived by the directors after the planning and the successful execution of a task.

The fourth image depicts the play personality of competition. As is demonstrated through the two boxers facing off at the boxing ring, the image depicts the competitor, who engages in the game of boxing which has specific rules. This type of play is characterized by aggression and individuals compete is the ultimate intention of winning, not mere participation. In the fifth image, the creator is in action. The image depicts a scientist working on a specific gadget. The creator seems to highly enjoy his work and the ultimate satisfaction comes from him being able to successfully complete inventing the new electronic device. In the sixth image, another creator is shown. However, this creator is a little specific and goes around his work with a high artistic impression. He is deeply immersed in his work. He thoroughly works on the electronic chip at hand. To show is mastery of his work; various working devices surround him, like testers and voltmeters beside him. Like the artistic clearly demonstrates, this type of play requires ultimate concentration and precision.