Child Protection Policy

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Social welfare programs play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals access their rights. These programs are paramount especially to vulnerable persons such as women, children, persons with disabilities and minority groups as well as populations at risk which comprise of persons living in poverty. Child protection policy is one of the social welfare policies that grant children unlimited natural rights as well as protect them from the various forms of child abuse which include sexual, emotional and physical abuse and child neglect. UNICEF regards child protection policy as rules and regulations that ensure the social welfare, education, justice, security and education of children. These policies ensure that children are protected against and prevented from risk factors that threaten their wellness.

Child protection policy is a policy that has developed over a century of legislation. The first stance that saw the creation of child policy was in 1875 following efforts by an entirely devoted organization known as the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC). Before this period, many children in the U.S were assaulted, victimized, tortured and even murdered yet no policy accorded them some protection. Before 1875, prosecution of the offenders was the most relied remedy. NYSPCC, however, brought new interventions which include taking up the custody of children from the parents who did not properly take care of children, rescuing children from abusive and neglectful parents, where the children are raised in a social environment with crime, drunkenness or other unstable and unfit environments (Myers, 2016).

Ever since 1975, child protection policy has undergone significant developmental milestones which include establishment of the Children’s Act that saw the introduction of foster parents, establishment of juvenile courts and the broadening the powers of juvenile courts to supervise children at risk and inquire their welfare, reporting persons who are suspected of