Changes Mauna Café could consider in order to improve its performance



Changes Mauna Café could consider in order to improve its performance

The purpose of writing this memo is to offer ideas on how to improve Mauna Loa Café business. It is my believe that if the following ideas are implement the company will improve in terms of efficiency and profit generation.

To begin with, I realize that customers are spending unnecessary long time in lines as they que to get their cup of coffee. This can discourage even the most loyal customers from coming to the coffee shop. Therefore, the management could split the lines into two ques, one for those who will have their coffee within the premises and those who want to have their coffee outside the premises. Through this process, the time that customers take on the line will be slashed especially for those who just want to buy a cup of coffee and drink it at their desired places outside the coffee shop.   There will be more efficiency since the lines will be moving and customers will not feel that they wasting their time on the lines as they wait to be served.

Secondly, I believe that the company can decrease the price of a cup of coffee in order to attract more customers into the shop. This strategy of pricing can be effective considering that Mauna Café is already a household name. Having the price of a cup of coffee reduced by 20 cents has the potential of making the public see that the coffee being offered is affordable and of high quality at the same time. This will help to attract potential customers who will take the opportunity of the price slash to start buying themselves a cup of coffee.Changes Mauna Café could consider in order to improve its performance

Another way to improve performance will be through carrying out rigorous advertising in social media. Today social media is very powerful and a large percent of the population usually rely on social media to get information pertaining certain products. Using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms will help the company to reach out to prospective customers. On the same note, the company can run a campaign where it gives a free cup of coffee to a member of the public each day. This strategy can land the company loyal customers since the company will be sending positive signals to the public that it appreciates what the public has done to the company.  This has the potential of doubling the customer base of the company.

Finally, the company can also have cards that it gives to employees and customers. Each time a customer purchases a cup of coffee they earn points, which can be converted to a cup of coffee once they reach 60 points. A cup of coffee has one point and as such when a customer purchases 60 cups of coffee, he or she gets one cup of coffee free. The employees will be encouraged to spread news about the company and whenever there is improvement in performance then they will earn bonus. Employees are great assets to the company and as such, they can greatly contribute towards the success of Mauna Loa Café.Changes Mauna Café could consider in order to improve its performance

In conclusion, I believe that if the ideas are well implemented the company will start to see positive changes. The changes will start to be seen soon since there will be expected increase in the number of customers served leading to increase in the total revenue generated. The market share of the company will increase and thus it will start to perform better.

Yours Sincerely,