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Causes of Bad Health

Poor health results in weak bodies that cannot take on work and which cannot enjoy life. People get sick from predisposing factors, lack of exercise, a poor diet or leading stressful lives. Bad health is as a result of poor choices.

Human beings need healthy food for proper functioning of the body. It is amazing that the body treats and heals itself depending on the food you eat. However, human beings today are more likely to die from their food choices. People choose junk food over fruits and vegetables. As a result, poor health is now the reality. Alcohol will lead to a damaged liver, lack of fruits and vegetables may lead to colon cancer, junk food leads to obesity which consequently leads to diseases such as heart failure.

Exercise is important because it helps the body flush out toxins, break down fats and maintain muscle. Poor habits of not exercising thus lead to obesity and accumulation of harmful toxins that damage body organs such as the kidney and skin. Poor habits of not exercising are also linked to back problems and swollen feet.

Leading a stressful life is also likely to affect the health of a person negatively. Poor stress management such as overworking and locking people out, lead to mental illness. One of the most common mental illnesses today is depression. It affects more people today because of exposure to stressful situations at work, at school and even at home. Stress is cleared by good exercise and having a great social life where one can talk to others about their problems. People today are more withdrawn and rarely share when they feel down hence the rise in mental illness.

Last but not least, some diseases are as a result of risk factors. An old person is more likely to develop dementia. A woman whose family has a history of breast cancer is more likely to develop the disease herself. While these factors cannot be controlled, they can be managed on time to prevent bad health.Causes of Bad Health

Bad health is definitely as a result of poor choices. The choice to eat junk, not exercise and stay on in a stressful situation leads to bad health. Even diseases caused by risk factors are made worse by the choice of not going for regular check-ups to a hospital. People need to make better choices to avoid bad health.