Causes of divorce

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Causes of divorce

In the current society, there has been a rampant increase of divorce cases than ever before. Also, divorce has turned out to be among the most notable disappointments in the life of many people at all ages. In the past years, there were few cases of divorce majorly because it was illegal for married couples to divorce. According to bla bla, divorce is defined as a legal act of marriage dissolution that is done through the court on any other recognized body that is competent to deal with the matter such as religious institutions. The changes in the law have necessitated divorce only to turn out to be a pandemic. This particular essay focuses on discussing the various causes that are attributed or rather related with causing divorce (Fine, Mark and John 3).

The presence of a law permitting married couples to carry out a divorce is one of the major leading causes of divorce. Presently, people perceive divorce as a very easy thing because the law allows them. In the past, around the early 1990s, it was hard for couples even to think of divorce because the law did not allow this act to be done. Therefore, married couples tried their level best to keep their marriage by finding the means and mechanisms of understanding one another. For example, when a couple had problems regarding which time their children ought to sleep, they will have to sit down and discuss the matter until they come to a standpoint. Another example is when parents faced a challenge of correcting their fourteen-year-old child because one of the parents is too harsh on the child while the other does not want to get involved in the issue. In this situation, both parents will sit down with their child and have a personal talk in which they arrive at a sound discipline that will be administered to the child. In these days, parents want to gain favors from their children, and when such occasions occur, the parents face lots of disagreements with their partners. They do not think of sitting down and discussing the issue but instead get angry at each other and threaten one another of divorce whenever a parent wants to discipline a child (Gottman 25).