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Cassin Takes A Flight Questions

  1. Identify and explain what (E.T. Halls, kluckhonh strodbeck and hofsted’s dimension) are relevant to this case. Provide a clear connection between the dimensions you identify and the information provided in this case.

E.T. hall’s concept of polychromic versus monochromic time orientation describes how culture structures their time (Tamas consultants Inc 2007). This dimension is not relevant to this case.

The kluckhonh and strodbeck dimension (1961) identified six dimensions of culture; the nature of people, the relationship with nature, duty towards others, mode of activity, privacy of space and temporal orientation (changing minds). Its relevance in this case is that it helps to better understand Japanese form of business better that is why they hold their meeting the way they do and also why it differs much from the westernized form of business. When the writer is comparing westernized form of holding meetings and the Japanese one it clearly shows the connection between the kluckhonh and strodbeck and the information provided in the case.Cassin Takes A Flight Questions

Hosfstede’s culture dimension theory is a frame work for cross-cultural communication, developed by Geert Hofsted ( It elaborates on the effects of a society’s culture on the values of its members, and how these values relate to behavior, using a structure derived from factor analysis (Wikipedia). Hosfsted dimension is relevant to this case in solving the problem of language comprehension. The connection between the case provided and the Hosfede’s culture dimension is when Pointer claims that, “I think language comprehension is one of the biggest challenges of conducting business across cultures.” In addition to this the case of Japanese sales teams providing the wrong information to the customers.

  1. The answer to this question must be placed in table format. List and explain in order of importance three recommendations that pointers should consider to increase his chances of succeeding with KJM. Provide the pros and cons of each of your recommendations. Be sure to provide clear supportive arguments.
Recommendation: Reasons: Pro’s Cons
Embrace the westernize way of holding meeting that is getting together, making a decision and moving forward. This is because westernize way is very involving and makes a business meeting more lively. It also avoids instances of sleeping in meetings like the one pointer noted, “more often than not, these gentlemen would actually fall asleep during the meeting.” It is involving; since it involves making decisions every member who has a point is allowed to air it out.

It avoids scenarios of management making decisions on their own without involving other members.

Makes meeting lively and enjoyable to participate in.


It might be time-consuming that is it might take a lot of time dwelling on the same agenda.
To abolish the hierarchy Japanese method of business approach. As Paul Pointer puts it, “the hierarchy created numerous challenges”. If the concept of ranking the customer above the supplier and also prioritizing their grievances is embraced this will improve KJM sales with a big percentage. In addition to this “as a western executive,” pointer said, “you might think that your Japanese sales team actually works for customer not you.” some cultural norms make it difficult for business thus they should be done away with. Boost sales.

Make business easy to handle.

Win many customers.

Cassin Takes A Flight Questions

It might be difficult to do away with some hierarchy norms.
To start English classes for their employees or encourage their employees to enroll for English classes by paying their fees partially. It is clear from the information provided that most of the sales team provided the wrong information to the customers basically because they did not master what they had been taught. This will help the organization to save time during meetings and also reduce expenses of paying a translator. A first-hand information is better than a translated one because in some cases the translator might omit some words like in the case given there is an instance where the translator(sales guy) was embarrassed to translate “suck it up and try harder” to the CEO. To avoid misrepresenting of the product.

To avoid relying customers problems to US team.

Saves time.

Saves money

It might be costly to implement this.
  1. What are two key takeaways from this case?

There is a huge difference between working for and working with; it is clear when Paul Pointer began for KJM the difference between the two was understood.

Japanese business approach is not one of the best business approaches that someone can advise to be use this is due to the fact that this case views it to be faced with many challenges. It is quite very difficult to change a business from a Japanese business approach to a westernized form of a business approach.




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